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2/25/2006 10:19 pm

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full solute

well today was another one of those not so bad days, till i got to work, and found out that the girl i was suppose to work with quit.

So needless to say i ended up working with the manager. She never worked a night shift, so I pretty much had to do most of the work that usually gets done by both people.

As the night went on, this really hot guy dressed in army cloths came in and asked where are bathroom was. He was hot. Then the bell on the door went off again, looking up i saw another hot army dressed guy. He asked for the bathroom too. hmmmm this could be interesting, one bathroom, two hot army guys. Then the bell rang again, and now there where 30 to 35 hot looking young 19 to 25 year olds dressed in army cloths, waiting for the bathroom.

Some i waited on and some of them flirted with me.
One even told me where they where going, hmmm maybe i should have seen if they wanted me to join.

One even gave me his phone number. He asked for a peice of paper and just kind of slid it back to me after writing his number on it.

No they weren't all gay. just one or two, maybe even three. Well i wounder if they needed someone to help them hose down after a hard days worth of training.

well other then that the night went by slow, and now it's time for bed, so i'm going to bed.

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