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5/2/2006 9:58 pm
bad people

I have a problem, i know i should get another job, and i'm so close to taking my tests, and passing (i hope).

My problem is that i work in a small gas station, and after working there 3 years my boss has shown her true colors. I don't know why she thinks that any one who works for her should be obedient, but she does.

I guess if you've read my blogs you probably get a good hint at whats going on. I haven't told all of my problems, and probably won't, mostly because i do need a job till i pass my tests (again hoping to pass). When i first started she told me that she couldn't afford us having breaks, why she couldn't afford it is beyond me. So no breaks, I guess thats ok probably. Although working 8 hours on your feet with no sit down breaks, no chair to sit on at all, and you have to eat standing up just seems to suck and feels like it's wrong..

Moving along down the road, she also takes favoritism. She's had 3 ladies who've worked for her for at least 7 years or at least thats what i've been told..

So when they want something they pretty much get it.

My other problem is that my boss said that both people working per shift have to run out of the same till. Well I probably wouldn't mind that so much if i know i could trust the person i work with.. Not just that people make mistakes, so i get in trouble when my till is off. Well after being their three years my boss has decided to take money from my check to pay for the lost money from the till. Well with two of us working out of it you can't tell which person is making the mistake.. My boss also told me after I complained about taking money out of my check, She said that maybe i should take fewer bathroom breaks, I only had one, what does she think people can go all day with out going to the bathroom.

Well I, RJ have given back the key to the store, and i was a bad boy, I yelled at her telling her that the money she took from me was wrong, that she shouldn't have done that. She told me that she had to replace the money that was missing from my till.

Heres the thing I was scheduled on till that day, the girl i was working with (who happened to have the $15 taken from her check because of a gas drive off that she didn't get.) was kind of in a pissy mood that day.

Any ways we worked together that day, like any other day. Well every thing went well, and usually I can tell if i make a mistake or not, and so I pretty much didn't have a problem to my knowledge, but sometimes mistakes happen. 9:00pm hit and i had to go to the bathroom, I started at 3:00pm and hadn't gone all day and thought while it wasn't busy i would go, so i asked the girl i was working with if she would watch the till... (Big mistake) I went in around 9:02pm, came out of the bathroom around 9:05 or 9:06pm and their was no one around to watch the till. As I headed over to my till I noticed the gas monitor had $20. in gas on it, Well i assumed that the girl i was working with took it, EVEN BIGGER MISTAKE. Well i cleared it out, thinking maybe she got it. Did my little report and it wasn't rung in. Well maybe it was a drive off, or maybe she just did what she normally does and didn't put it in sometimes she makes a lot of mistakes.

Well I didn't ask her my mistake, but who the heck does my boss think she is taking money out and not even checking the tapes to see if it might have been stolen or a drive off. And i know i didn't think of it till now, but It kind of throw me.. My boss said i was $20. off, but then she told me that I'm actually $15. off and that the next day's till was $5 over. hmmm well now i'll have to press the issue a little, any ways the next day i apologized for yelling. Now i don't know if i should have apologized so much, because it seems she still has my $15. and i know it's $15 but it's the idea that it could have been more, and i worked just as hard if not harder sometimes to earn that money of which she has taken.

Well heres one thing i think should happen, I think that our U.S. government and state government should check into each business to make sure that the employers are treating the employees the way they should be.

ps. the names of business and people have been changed so no slander charges can be pressed i hope. Well if i'm not in jail maybe i will write some more blogs and updates on my life, night all.

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