am i bitchy or what?  

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5/20/2006 7:37 pm

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3/30/2007 8:14 am

am i bitchy or what?

Alright another day, in fact today is my day i took my GED tests, I only could take two this month, but i think i did good, i hope.

Anyways couple nights ago i was in the gay chat room when this hot 26 year old was flirting with me. So i flirted back. He was looking for a boyfriend, and wow so was I. Bad new is that he lives an hour away, but the good news was that i had to go into his town to take the tests, so I didn't mind meeting him.

Well i gave him my cell phone number ***-****, and told him to call around noon, well after my tests i sat there waiting for his call before i decided to take off. Well he never called, I know he said he would be out of state the night before, but he said he would be back around noon. Well i guess we'll see.

I did get to finally talk to jet but i don't know if the news he's going to tell me monday is good or bad. I know he didn't want a relationship, but I do, so I guess if this other guy wants me to be his boyfriend then I am more then willing to give up on jet.

But on the note of still being very single and alone, I did find a guy for a quick fuck. I know it seems like i'm a slut, but hey i only get fuck when i'm lucky, and it seems the only guy's i get are the ones who don't want a relationship or who don't call, so I kind of took the third guy i saw, first two where too old for me. And by old i mean in their 70's and 80's.

The third guy i met was a hot 30 year old. His hair was brown and spiked, his eyes where deep brown, like pools of chocolate.

I stood in a one man bathroom at the rest area, off the side of the highway. Oops i forgot to lock the door. He walked in, said "Oh, i didn't realize there was someone in here, mind if i join you, i really have to go." I thought what the heck he's hot and seeing his cock made me hard.

We both stood there for what seemed hours, actually it was a good 5 minutes, and then he reached over and said "wow you have a nice cock, since we're not going to piss, and our cocks are getting hard, mind if i touch it."

His hand rubbed my firm cock, as it pulsed in his hands. I felt my body start to warm up. I then put my hand on his /8, and the other on his chest, slowly rubbing his cock. Our lips pecked one another, and then we finally kissed, tongues tickling one another. He then started to take my shirt off. I felt his hands rubbing my body. I started taking his shirt off, and then his pants had fallen down. I felt him kiss my nipples, sucking and biting them. Then he kissed my bellybutton. I felt his tung lick the head of my penis, and started to slowly slip my penis in his mouth. Savoring every inch of my cock, as it swelled up, and slowly he rubbed my balls. I felt like i was in heaven, and he put his mouth around my penis and took it in at full length. He sucked till i was almost about to cum. Then he stood up, i slowly went down on my knees, licking his body all the way down.

I finally made it to his penis, licked the head of it and tonged his balls. I then put his cock in my mouth, he pushed my head so that i would deeply suck his cock, and that it would hit the back of my throat. As i sucked he let out a few cries of pleasure, going faster and deeper with every cry. He finally pulled my head up, and bent me over, i felt his slide his tong in my hole, it felt weird at first, then i felt him go deeper in my hole. I was starting to moan. He stood up, and then slid his penis in my ass, i felt it first go in a little, it kind of hurt, but it always does when it firsts starts. After a few quick little pushes, he finally got it in me. He got it so deep in me, i felt like i was going to cum.

He thrust faster and faster, >>! each move made me want to cum even more. I felt him lick the back of me ear, and nibble a little. his hands rubbed my back, fingers scratching gently. He pushed and pushed, more and more, i moaned harder. He went in even deeper, as he pushed i finally cam all over the toilet. He moaned and moaned, i felt him going faster, finally pulling out, and he stroked his cock. I got on my knees, and watched, he came closer, finally i wrapped my mouth over his penis, and felt his warm juice burst in my mouth. I swallowed, gaging on his warm seamen. ...\8
He then pulled his pants up and said thanks, kissed me and drove off. Man i hope i see him again. Or at least hope that i find a boyfriend to do that stuff to.

rm_lostin48661 42M
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6/5/2006 6:31 am

Whats with this. That stuff really doesnt happen. There is know way man.

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