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Kannon and KayCee

OK enough of the crappy sad stuff, time for some happy stuff..

I have two kids, Kannon who is 23 and KayCee is 22. It has been me and them all along.. they were always the most important thing to me, and still are. I know they think that wasnt always the truth, but in my strange twisted ways, I made all decisions according to them.

They are 11 months apart to the day, nearly to the hour, so they were much like twins. They argued and fought, plotted and schemed, snuck around and got into messes, blaming each other and sticking with each other. They love each other like nothing else in the world and that makes me happy.

I remember once when they were both just walking, Kannon more of an expert, KayCee the follower as always. We were staying with my mother and father at the farm. One day we looked across the field and there they were in thier diapers, walking hand in hand, to the neighbors, about a half mile away. We stood there and laughed for a bit, then i decided I couldnt let them just go off like that. So I grabbed a stick and took off after them. I chased them back with that stick, laughing to myself all the way. They never let go of each others hands all the way home.. crying "wooooo".. ahhh ill never forget it..My mother and father talk about it still to this day.

Once I bought them each a welding cap. They were all different crazy colours, really cute but they had a fault. They had been sewn incorrectly, and were slightly pointed at the top. Kannon and KayCee couldn't wait to wear them to school.. Out waiting for the school bus to pick them up, all bright faced and shiney in their new caps. They were so proud of their hats. I thought of how cute they were all day long. That afternoon getting off the bus, I watched as they came off the steps weeping and sobbing, still in their caps. Their faces all blotchy and red.. they had been called cone heads all day long.. but they didnt take those caps off! lmao.. and still to this day people tease them about their caps.

One halloween, I made their costumes. For KayCee I had gotten an old evening gown from my aunt. I altered and tailored it, adding some more sequins, making it had spaghetti straps. I bought feathers and hand sewed them on, and also bought a boa. I added fringe to the top and to the hem, getting her matching fishnet stockings, cute little shoes, a head band made of sequins and feathers. She was a cute little flapper. Really adoreable. She got the name of her costume mixed up. Told the teacher she was a hooker. When I recieved the phone call from school, they insisted that I pick her up. They didnt understand why I would dress her as a hooker to come to school.. Not very motherly of me they said. Another time she was dressed up like a hooker.. A fake fur jacket, short short dress, my shoes, torn nylons. My sister said "kathie your daughter looks like a ho" KayCee began to cry. I said "what are you crying about? You dont even know what a ho is" she sobbed "yes i do! it's a thing like a rake!!"

Kannon did everything he could to piss me off.. He at one time decided he would be a cowboy. OMG, it about killed me? Well he had to spread his wings i suppose, and I had to let him try. So he went to school dressed in a flowered shirt of my da's cowboy boots and jeans. Of course another day home from school with big tears welled up in his eyes..

I bought an ear piercing gun once, poor kids.. I pierced Kannon's ear when he was only in 2nd grade.. wrong ear.. tears, re-pierced that nite lmao.

He had a teacher in the 3rd grade that he loved with all his heart. She was leaving and he insisted that I buy her flowers for her departure. I was pretty poor.. but I bargained for a dozen yellow roses to be delivered to his teacher from him at school.. I will never ever forget his face that day..

I remember thinking to myself when I decided that I wanted children, that I didnt care if they were the president, the teacher or the cop. All i cared was that they were decent people. I knew they were in so many ways as they were growing up.

One day I remember it being really really hot out side. There was an old Mexican man out side digging a ditch. The next thing I knew I looked out the window and there was my little boy, with a glass of iced water, holding it up to that old man. I knew. I also knew when KayCee jumped the fence to go and help Mildred (the drunken old lady across the street) who had fallen down. She hopped that fence to help Mildred up, and I could hear her ask "Mildred! are you drunk again?"

We went thru the easy bake oven creations, the beans that some how "got into his ear" (Kannon), the broken ankles, the cuts, bruises, broken hearts, fights at school. We went thru the gay stages with KayCee, (she somehow became pregnant during this stage so I take it she wasnt convinced). Things stuck up noses (KayCee), sneaked tattoos and brandings (KayCee again), deaths of friends, births of babies, we been there done that. We have been homeless together, rich together, all the ups and the downs. And I have cherished every single moment. I would do it all over again in a heart beat, and although we all do the very best that we can I would try and do it even better.

I love, honour and cherish you guys (first time i've ever taken that vow seriously lol)

xoxo yo mama

Peace xxx K


8/11/2006 6:58 am

try to do things even better, as parents i think we always would but the fact that you would do it all over again in a heart beat is testimony to how much love you have for them. Nice memories and so many more to come. x

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