take control of your life man!  

rm_gardnerhoe 44M
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8/19/2005 6:51 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

take control of your life man!

You know what. I'm a man. That's right i'm a fucking MAN. Time for me to take control and take what's mine.

So I did. Last night.

We got home really late. Son was already sleeping, so I just put him to bed. I let her do the diaper bag and while she was preparing for the next day i got naked and climbed into bed. I stroked myself until i became fully erect. I positioned the covers so she couldn't immediately see my cock. and then I waited.

She finished what she was doing, and came to bed, turned off the lights and layed down. I moved over and turned the blanket down so my cock was exposed. I put my arm around her and said "can you help me with something?" she laughed. I know she was tired but you know what. I'm tired of no sex, or worse, bad sex. So she licked her hand and began to jerk me off. I said "please go down on me, its so much better that way." I wasn't really asking. She replied "i'm really tired." but as she was saying this she was getting herself into position. Seconds went by and my cock was deep in her mouth. It took her awhile to bring me to climax, but she did. It wasn' the best blowjob ever, but it got the job done.

I thanked her after she cleaned me off. ( she doesn't let me cum in her mouth ) She's tried but really doesn't like it. Hey at least she sucks my cock though, right? i kissed her and held her, we went to sleep.

I woke up this morning realizing what I had done. I wasn't sheepishly looking for sex. I wasn't pouting, lying thre next to her, waiting for something to happen. I didn't try to beat around the bush, I just told her.. hey I need a blowjob! and wouldn't you believe it, i got one. just like that. and this got me really thinking...

back in the day when i was a players player. ( and i really was) i didn't pussyfoot around. i wanted pussy, i ate it. i wanted head i took it. i wanted ass, i fucked it. none of this nice guy shit. i read a post yesterday about good guys vs. bad guys. i guess it helped me remember who i once was. can I be both? I believe i can. Only time will tell.

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