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August 15, 9:05am

Friday night was cool. My wife and I went out with friends. We took the little guy along with us. I had a few drinks and it felt really great to unwind. By the time we got home it was pretty late, and we were both really tired.

Saturday morning the little guy got up early and my wife was really tired. She aske dme if I would be the best husband and take this shift? I pulled her underwaer down and sucked on her ass. I then replied i'll be the best husband if you'll be a better wife tongiht. She smiled and promised she'd mak it up to me later.

Saturday during the day we had a day of shopping for my wife. She needs a lot of new clothes. I don't need anything at all. So I decided to take her shopping. The little guy was really really bad all day. It was distracting to her and annoying to me. I offered to take him home and let her go by herself, but she doesn't like shopping alone. And moreover, she really values my opinion about what she should buy. ( I tell her the truth if it looks good or not, I tell her in an unbiased way.) I won't elaborate on my profession but lets just say my opinion on these matters is a professional one. Anyway, she became very upset that he was being so bad and she started snapping at me. I was also frustrated and snapped back. And so our day spiraled out of control. By the time we got home, she had purchased several outfits, and we weren't talking at all. I was very upset that she hadn't apologized. I let this feeling stew all night.

Sunday morning, she kissed me good morning. She apologized. I didn't let it go. I should have, I know. But i didn't. We continued to fight for several hours. I later apologized and told her I did love her. I ttried to explain that i was bending over backwards for her and i felt un appreciated. That's why I was so angry. We reunited and had a nice day. i again took her shopping to help her feel better. (her closet really is empty, as i had her give away all of her old cloths that she no longer wears or no longer fits.) She always complains to me that I have great cloths and a full closet. The truth is, i only buy things that are versatile. i stay away from trendy or one time use pieces. So everythig i have can be worn many different ways. I'm helping her to achieve this as well. I feel that its better to buy one great thing that may be expensive than to buy 10 things that are inexpensive but you'll wear only onoce and then they'll sit in your closet. She agrees with this philosophy now that she's seen how it works.

Sunday night the 3 of went out for a nice dinner at our favorite japanese restaurant. We ate really well and we sort of relaxed a little bit. When we got home i put our son to bed, and we layed down to rest.

I kissed her softly and undressed her. Her pussy smelled so good to me. all I wanted to do was eat it. It's really like clockwork how the slightest sense of her makes my cock rage like a wild beast. I flippe dher onto her bellsy and began to rub her shoulders and massage her back. Sometimes kissing her on the shoulders, neck, and ass. I then made my way to her legs and feet, rubbing massaging and kissing them. She rolled onto her back, and spread her legs slightly. Inside I wanted to brutally fuck her senseless, but she really doesn't like that, so I kept my composure and kissed her softly on her lips. I did this and gently touched her breasts for a few minutes. She placed my cock at her pussy which was now really wet. She asked me to get her going, but that we don't have any condoms. So i slowly tried to enter her with my cock. It took about 2 minutes before i could actaully get it in. (she's really tight, and i'm just a tad too large for her, at least at first) she really started to feel it, and started to moan softly. I felt myself immediately ready to cum. I pulled out and held teh cum inside me until it died back down. I proceeded to spread her pussy lips wide, and i licked and sucked on her clit for 10 minutes. She came hard and long. She needed it as much as i did.

We laid there for a few minutes and she held my cock in her hand as she tried to regain some sense of herself. She sat up and asked me to lie flat on my back. She then engulfed my cock into her mouth and sucked me off within 3 minutes. 5 minutes later were both fast asleep. until the alarm rang this morning.

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