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3/11/2006 4:41 pm

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My car hates me! That's just all there is to it. I have a 94 Taurus ans just got a new raidator, and then I was told that it needs a new heating coil! Well I had a wedding to go to today, but what a bust my car broke down at the 1at exit to BG. It over heated, that just happens to be my luck. I got it towed, now I just have to save the money to get it fixed. Or just get rid of it . But I guess it's time for a newer vehicl. Any recommended places in Toledo, for a decent used car?

loadeddice05 45M

4/1/2006 7:41 am

You'll have to move to California for a decent car!! Start packin!

tol419guy 37M
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1/3/2008 9:58 pm

Theres some places on Woodville Rd.(northwood) that carry some decent car for the $$

drop me a line on ymail if u need anything

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