what makes someone sexy  

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12/15/2005 7:17 pm

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what makes someone sexy

A friend of mine is a bartender at a gay club I frequent. Now, as said before--I am always being propositioned by gay men and the occasional straight guys in there--honestly, from the gay guys I see it as more than a joke or a complement than anything else... Anyway, my friend said he was going to start keeping a "list" of all the men from the bar who want to fuck me.

"yeah, right," I said, "all the straight & bi guys so that is a list of 4-5 guys here"

Well, he seemed to think that most of the men there were interested in me for real (DAMN IT, why don't I get that attention from the women there?!!?)

He said it was because I was a very sexy person, and that appealed to everyone whether they are straight or gay.

So, I started thinking about what makes someone sexy. Here is my list:

-Looks are important, but not crucial.
-Intellect!!!! If someone is of low intelligence or low education/sophistication then they lose my interest immediately.
-Self confidence!!!!
-Strong sense of self
-Loves life, loves to laugh and make jokes. Understands life is to be enjoyed.
-Loves their body, accepts flaws.
-Phermones or just plain smelling good.
-GOOD DANCERS are always a major turn on
-bad dancers, but ones who just enjoy themselves and moving their bodies for the sheer pleasure of it! That can be hot too
-eyes that twinkle


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