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3/23/2005 12:05 pm

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7/3/2006 7:03 pm

Ready to get going

Hey what's up everybody. I am just doing this cuz I guess im kinda bored. This site looks pretty cool but it seems that none of the females want to do anything such as talking, meeting up, and basically getting to know one another. I am not conceited at all but I joined the site to meet people and have some fun how about you? I know the guys are interested since i've been getting messages from more men than women. It's to bad im straight or i'd be having more success meeting new people.
I guess the question is, are you meeting people and/or do you care to? Also let me know if you are having any success meeting people and maybe give me some advice on the subject. Take care everybody.


4/14/2005 11:49 am

Its not like the women don't give a damn dudes, they just aren't here - except for $$$ Guys are just hornier than women in general (not that women never are, but even MORE so) and we are always looking for it, where as women have the luxury of sitting back and letting it come to them. One of the few advantages to being a women however, to be honest.

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