When in doubt...  

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3/25/2006 6:56 pm

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When in doubt...

When it comes to sexy sex that both of us have experienced, we admit that the best sexual partners/lovers can be counted using the fingers of one hand, reserving one for ourselves, of course!

Here are 3 of the "sexiest qualities" that came along with our best encounters.
1) A sexual attraction that releases tons of erotic energy to keep everyone going and going until happily exhausted.
2) An intellectual/emotional bonding that creates a willingness to explore the limits of each person's intimate pleasures, lasting past the present and entering into a longer-term relationship.
3) A lingering pre-occupation that results in utter dit-zee-ness, causing near-crashes in traffic, absent-mindedness in simple tasks, re-occuring daydreams and re-living lusty moments drifting in and out of restful sleep.

Both of us have agreed, that reading profiles or messages containing ambiguities (unclear innuendo) or demands and conditions (like - don't waste our time...) does little to kindle flirty sex play.

When in doubt - we do nothing - other than what we're doing now to meet and get to know others.

Why? We know what feels grrreat. It's the sexiest qualities that work, for us.

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