Red neck day...  

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7/4/2006 5:05 pm

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7/7/2006 3:01 pm

Red neck day...

Now, let me tell you... there's stuff that
makes me happy and other stuff that pisses me off.

So, I honestly, to gawd, really and truly
don't understand what gets into my noggin
some days.

Yesterday, it was all about Gus (the pickup)
that we got last month. Nothin, pisses me off more than to have to haul my ass up onto a pickup truck's box - to move the spare tire so that I can slide in some timber.

It's almost like side-shifting ...OMG did I type that???

Anyway, given some beer n hot weather and all the right tools of course...I came up with a very economical idea (sweaty equity) is what 'they' call it to solve the spare tire that's in the way...'issue.'

Maybe it was because I was totally fucked-out.
I mean, fucking is wonderful, beautiful and the next thing to the the best thing - NOOOOO - it is the best thing!!! but....I needed a rest so I mowed the lawn, BBQ'd, swatted squeeters and built a spare tire elevation thingy - to let me bring home the timber.

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