Posers or Jesters and such  

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8/8/2006 9:22 am

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Posers or Jesters and such

We've been 'had' here twice before and we're beginning to think it's happened again.

From contact, to email, to live chatting - the momentum and erotic interest builds and then POOF everything grinds to a halt.

We've suggested a 'meet-us-for-real' scenario.
Suddenly, those smooth, funny and entertaining exchanges stop cold.

Are we buffoons, village idiots and such?
Or, are they?
Are we so easily convinced that they're real?
Are we guilty of playing emotions?
Is this some deserved and over-due karma?

How do we 'out' a poser?
Forget about chatting and insist on meeting!
It's quick, clean and conclusive.

We've learned about human nature here.
Being 'nice' can bring on complications.
Being honest conjures up even more complications.
Being non-responsive seems to work the best.

There are exceptions.
We think bloggers are the most-real people here.
Bloggers hang their life experience out for view and most say things the way it happens, for them.

Let the posers play their games
Who are we to question what works for them?

We'll continue on - with stuff that works for us.

Less than 4 hours after writing this one - things worked out. Turned-out that system crashes happen to other folks too.

So we met, had a great and wonderfully horny time, talked things over face-to-face and made a date.

We've never connected like this before.
Okay, lesson learned again. Just when we're almost out of patience and feeling dumped - a very real situation develops, almost by chance.
That's what keeps us here.

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