One bone head and one cone head  

rm_funspot4JnF 68M/62F
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4/20/2006 3:04 pm

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4/22/2006 12:48 pm

One bone head and one cone head

Damn, Jolene is driving me crazed this spring. She slipped out for a new sun-dress yesterday. It's buttoned just below her Y and has an open slit up each side. I kinda begged her to model it and I lost my composure. All I could do is >>! at the end of our bed, until my legs turned to rubber.

Now the pic. Older 4 legged pussy-sniffing hounds that live in big cities apparently get bored to tears and then some of them develop something called 'lick grannyloma' that's kinda stress related. They keep licking until they get hot spots. Good thing it's not contagious because if it was - I'd be under the sheets lickin Jolene until I had to wear a cone too.

oldude1946 72M

4/20/2006 3:08 pm

OK Freddy, ask Jolene to put on the dress and show us

Hey, thats kind of like I'll show ya mine if y'll show me yours

rm_funspot4JnF replies on 4/20/2006 3:34 pm:
oldude, honest - we're trying to take the one that shows you, ours - because you've shown yours but everytime we get hot - we kinda forget where the camera and tripod is. It's cummin - NO - we're cummin and then get kinda lazy. Patience is our plea!

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