Female (sexual) selection...  

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7/22/2006 3:35 pm

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Female (sexual) selection...

So here's a pic of Charley Darwin taken in 1854 after going bald, too!

No dummy, though. He thought it over, wrote things down and called it evolution, natural selection, sexual selection or fucking for recreational or reproductive purposes.

More times than not - it's the gal who decides who she wants. Gals look for TRAITS. Guys look for tits and ass.

Fuck we're dumb-asses when it comes to being selected sometimes. We kinda get the hots for gals who are looking for different traits than what we're offering and then - get kinda warped that we're not scoring (being selected) as often as we want to be.

How do I know this?
Yesterday, Jolene and I were shopping in one of those places that is loaded with gals looking for good deals on everything that gals buy.
When we walked in - the place had way more gals than usual so, I sucked in my gut, squared my shoulders, stuck my hands in my pockets to tighten my ass-fabric and watched them watching me.

After 10 minutes, 2 gals had smiled and the rest were busy buying or just not interested.

Now, I'm wondering what would happen if I tied a bunch of feathers around my ass and wore a sign that said, "Hey gals, Check my traits."

Thanks for your work Charley!

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