Camp-fire stories....  

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5/5/2006 10:50 pm

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Camp-fire stories....

Now, this one's for oldude...first, cause I haven't told him one or, I haven't told him about one, I told to my kids.

This was told 17 years ago. We took 3 hours to get to the camp-fire place with a chevy wagon and a u-haul. Just my boys and me cause mom needed a rest and it was time for a get-away. Young - unhaired-over - snot-nosers, a 12ft x 6ft canvas tent with a screen porch, an inflatable (zodiac) raft, a honda 7.5hp boat motor, grub for 4 days in coolers, store down the road for pop and beer (for me) a little extra cash. We looked at the lake and mountain-side in the daylight. There were bears and bear traps in the campsite then, even today, so you've got to keep food out of the tent or those bastards claw through for grub and you.

Anyway - the story of strange people and real life took an hour to tell to those wide-eyed little fuckers. We'd break-off for marshmellows roasted on sticks but they'd listen as I kept talking about Andy, regardless of what we were doing.

Andy (real name) lived in a bush close to where I grew up. He came from Denmark. His brother and him were fighting mad one afternoon, when young, and his brother poked Andy's left eye out with a pitch fork. Andy didn't have a eyepatch - just a sunken, sewed together eye-lid and another, workable eye, that scanned people real good. If he scanned and liked you - he'd share his dreams.
Over time, he liked seeing my friends and me coming through the bush for a short visit.

Out where he lived, there wasn't electricity or a phone. Just him, his shack and nature. He'd survived winters of -50 degrees and summers over 100 degrees. His 3 most prized possessions were a '49 pick-up truck that he used for odd-jobs, a 10hp boat motor and his home-built 'unsinkable' boat that he was going to use to get back to his homeland before he expired.

He never had a chance to test his boat on the ocean. His truck could have made it to the coast but he was a squatter who had things good until the land he was living on changed hands.

So the 'jist' of the story that I told my kids 17 years ago was let your dreams drive your life. Dare to be different. Smell the flowers and enjoy who you are because when everything is done and said - it's you and no one else that matters until you want it to.

If by chance, I told them, you meet someone as sweet as your mom - and you know that they've got your heart in one hand and your balls in the other (I didn't say this to them back then) but with mother's day around the bend maybe I should have.

Camp-fire stories. Can you smell the birch or pine smoke?

oldude1946 72M

5/6/2006 4:38 am

Hey, that was a good story, I liked it, if ya have any more you should post them.

I'm sitting here naked and drinking coffee, oh yeah, I'm thinking of Jolenes ass ok

I'm trying to be a dirty ol man this morninghappym;

rm_funspot4JnF replies on 5/6/2006 10:26 am:
I'll think up more stories.
Jolene's ass is giggling from you and I thinking about it.
I think it's time to admit that we'll always be dirty ol men.
Now, we've gotta find some equally dirty ol gals.

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