road trip and mutterings of a sleep-deprived tourist...  

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4/3/2006 11:49 pm

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road trip and mutterings of a sleep-deprived tourist...

I spent the day wandering the Mall, well, wandering after they kicked me out of Air and Space at 530. Cherry blossoms are beautiful, and the thunderstorms that hammered Tennessee a couple of days ago held off here until I was on the Metro headed back to my brother's place. It was sunny, 75, occasional clouds, not too breezy.


The reason I went to NASM is in the thumbnail...

Those who know what it is will understand.

For the rest, I'm just going to say that there have been a few more emotional times in my life than today. Not many...

Even if I don't get to meet anyone while I'm in DC who's touched me online, it's been a successful trip. Two all-nighters preparing, one straight through (well, 1hr sleep in PA in the mountains, dozing off isn't too healthy at 65mph) drive, and now two late nights in a row. At least I finally got the ssid/key from my brother and don't have to sit next to the router to read/post like I did last night.

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