Legs, Immersed  

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4/17/2006 10:05 am

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Legs, Immersed

A fantastic vision, too rich for me to hope for but something I can't get out of my mind...

We're on our first vacation together, planned for over a year. The anticipation and tension waiting for release hasn't been lessened by our attempts to satisfy the desire we're both feeling for each other.

It was a peaceful morning for us, waking to hear the surf rushing to fill the morning's stillness and remind us where we laid together, living our dream.

The one place, the one moment, the one union we've both been secretly hoping for has finally arrived. The canoe I rented cuts silently through the water, piercing the gentle current flowing towards the ocean we temporarily leave behind. Curious but trusting and increasingly aware of the warmth reflecting off the hull on the backs of your thighs, adding to the distraction you feel more and more at the gentle rocking motion, you feel no need to ask where we are going.

I've found a waterfall, crashing into a pool of water, warmed by the sun shining on the rocks above yet shaded from view by the steep bluff we climb down to get to the seclusion we need. All we bring is our desire for each other, we need nothing else to sate our hunger, nothing to slake our thirst but the pool of fresh water to baptise our bodies and bring form to a fantasy.

Our clothes, no longer needed to conform to society's expectations, are left behind, forgotten. Our focus is each other. Hands, lips, legs embracing with the same electric intensity as the first night we made love, we float in the wamth of our own private paradise.

Nearing the waterfall, our embrace becomes more intense. I ache to completely fill your yearning needs, lost in the waves of passion echoed by the water running ever more insistently across us as I guide you under the cascading clarity that both distorts my vision and focuses my senses.

When the falling water runs over both of us, the gentle force of its fall cushioned by our skin, I begin to caress your back, sides, breasts... My fingertips trace the water's rush down, where it presses between us and both cools our bodies and heats to unendurable brilliance. I finally find the place that the water can't reach, can't feel, can't give you the touch you need. You realize with a shock that it is, at last, me that you're feeling, chasing the water from your thoughts and leaving you floating, tethered to our fragile and transient bodies by a thin thread of awareness stretched to breaking.

Wrapping yourself around me, hands, lips all echoing the fire below the water's surface, we float in a pool of desire with passion falling seemingly from the sky onto us. After an unknowable time, without measure or awareness, we add our cries to the murmur of water losing itself in our pool, our legs immersed in the beauty of our single shared soul.

Da_Lone_Elf 51M

4/18/2006 9:20 am

Excellent, really loved it. Yes indeed Great Minds Do Indeed Think Alike. TY for your wonderful comment without I would have never found your writing.

Da Elf

rm_funinic 50M
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4/19/2006 5:01 pm

vacations entwine
legs arms lips move together
waters naked dance

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