Last night...  

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3/24/2006 9:46 am

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Last night...

Did a bunch of picture sorting/editing. Minimal playing.

Went to sleep in my standard (for the last couple of weeks anyway...) bedclothes. Full body stocking and a corset/waist cincher.

Full body stocking because it feels sexy against my skin. I tried thigh highs, but the elastic coupled with the silicone "gripper" resulted in a weird second-degree burn at the edges of the gripper bands. Subsequent wearing showed that for under eight hours I had no problem. Garters feel very nice, but the #@$#$ straps keep coming loose and/or digging into my legs when I change position. They also take too long to take off in the morning, and definitely advertise that fetish. The body stocking I can get away with as just an oddity, and the corset is black and almost invisible in a darkened room. Too bad they don't make men's styles in the full body stockings. I'd like a mock turtleneck, long sleeve one, these have a VERY low neckline and my shoulders/chest make it slip down off my shoulders late at night... They also make climbing into a cold bed less of a "shrink and retract" event, which delays any playing for about 15 minutes.

I bought the corset for two reasons. First, I thought it might feel sexy. I was right... Second, when I was laid up with an injury a few years back, the "brace" I used for months resulted in what appears to be a permanent indentation where the elastic squeezed me. Not really visible unless you're looking for it from the right angle, but since I know from personal experience I can permanently change my body using that kind of pressure I'm going to use it to slim down. It's working... Nighttime and occasional daytime use not only accomplishes this, but I definitely get aroused from my little secret. I'm going to make my own from cotton soon, apparently custom-fitted ones are much more comfortable. That one won't have a center-front boning (NOT good for males when sitting!!!) and will have a better profile to match the male rib/hip profile. This one is a bit long, doesn't match my ribcage, and flares more than I need at the hips. I found a couple of places that make custom-fitted corsets, even for men. The problem is that they are $100s!!! No way I can afford them right now.

rm_funinic 50M
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3/26/2006 12:41 am

I'm pretty handy with a sewing machine. The one I've got is good for fabric from multiple layers of heavy nylon and webbing, all the way to lycra. Ever tried to sew lycra?!? Sucks, doesn't it? After I make mine, send me some measurements... I'll try one for you. This will be a "working" corset, made of black twill with either 1/2" steel or spiral boning. Comfy for all-night non-play wear, but definitely not sensual (well, except for the wearer, obviously). No elastic, front hooks with light zipper over them, horizontal webbing in the cinch places.

As I get better I'll try using more expensive and sexier materials. Like I said before, I don't do anything to (or for...) someone unless I've done it myself first...

Have Fun!

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