just a little fun  

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1/22/2006 6:53 pm

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just a little fun

Tonite my partner and I got together for one of our frequent encounters. We talked all day by text message about what we wanted to do so we knew exactly what was going to happen. Not to mention, we were horny as hell by the time we actually got together. We talked all day about finding someone to have a 3way with and are still working on that, but that is beside the point. I let myself into her apartment to find that the lights were all out and there was a sole candle on the table. Next to the table was a note, "lie on the bed, put on the blindfold and cuff yourself up." I happily went into the bedroom, undressed and followed the directions. In a few seconds I heard her come in the room. I had never been cuffed or blindfolded before so this was totally new to me. She rubbed her leg against my hand to let me know that she was wearing fishnet stalkings that I was sure to have no crotch. After a moment I felt her grab my already hard cock and put it directly in her mouth. She sucked me slowly while straddling herself just out of reach of my mouth. I could hear that she was rubbing her fragrant pussy. She then took her fingers and let me suck them for a minute. It was so sweet. She stopped sucking me off and all of a sudden she started dumping cold oil on me. she rubbed her tits all over my oily chest and then started to rub them in my face. I heard a buzz and knew that she had just turned on her dildo. She pleasured herself right in front of my face so that I could hear and smell it, but was unable to see. after she dripped her cum all over my face she said that we were going to try something new tonite. I could hear her rubbing oil all over herself and then proceeded to hear her start pleasuring herself again. She straddled my crotch and started stroking me with one of her oily hands. The next thing I know she slid me in her pussy! She was ramming herself in the ass with a dildo. The feeling was amazing. I could feel everything vibrating inside her soaked pussy. She rode me slowly for what seemed like forever. In an instant she pulled the dildo out of her ass and asked me if I was ready for something totally new. She grabbed my cock and placed it under her slippery butthole and sat right down. It was amazing. I almost let myself go right there. I couldn't believe that I was cuffed for this. She bounced up and down with my cock in her tight hole until I exploded all inside her. I couldn't believe the intensity of the orgasm. She said that she wanted to do that with me for awhile but wasn't sure how I react. With me all cuffed up it was all up to her.

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3/3/2006 2:56 am

Great story keep up the good work.

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