What a Good Fuck  

rm_fuckugoods 51M
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7/9/2006 3:14 pm

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7/9/2006 3:15 pm

What a Good Fuck

Standing behind you at the Deli is wonderful. It's full and I feel your ass grazing the front of my ns. We are a couple of people from ordering . when you let your hand brush across the front of mythigh. You are just the right height. I don't flinch. I let your hand wander closer and closer to my hard dick. You let the back of your wrist fall against my dick You feel my black dick throb. Twice. You reach in and rested your palm on my hard shaft and your fingers on my nuts. You feel my black dick growing. I am yours. Pulling your hand away, I see you dropp a dollar on the floor, bend to pick it up, and dragged your breasts along my thigh. Tease me Baby. I look you up and down.Wearing a loose necked blouse the edge dips below the tops of my tits.

Your clit does a small flip. And I smile because I think your creaming. You look to the rear entrance and I follow. (Guess what happens next.)

thatMSspitfire 58F
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1/7/2007 11:43 pm

we walk through the swinging doors to the storage area.. We don't see anyone else around.. The only entrance is the doors we came through. I turn to watch out the window.. spreading my legs a little wider.. sticking my butt out as you come closer to me. Your whole body is pressed against mine. Your wide hard chest. Strong heavy thighs. Your knees slide between mine as you put one arm around my waist.. reaching into my top pulling and rolling my nipples. I feel your dick harder pressing against my ass. You slide your hand up my thigh. 2 fingers slide into my pussy. Im so wet.. you tease and tempt my clit while pumping my pussy. "What do you want sugar. What do you want." you ask me in my ear. ' You fucking me baby. please please fuck me'
I feel your lips smiling as you nibble and nip my neck. I hear you undo the zipper of your pants. ' Keep a good look out babe' you tell me. Holding my hands against the door.. backing up towards you.. rubbing my drenched pussy lips up and down on your hard long cock.. Its growing.. I reach my hand back behind me, stroking you. You moan and say oh go ahead. Tease me Baby. No hands.. just moving my hips I feel the head of your cock at the opening of my cunt.

(Guess what happens next.)

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