The End Is Near!  

rm_fritz19592 59M
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6/1/2006 8:19 pm
The End Is Near!

It has been almost a month now and soon this old cat will be gone. With a mission in mind and many an alley to explore this would be the old kitty heading for the door.

So here I sit reflecting on the conversations, the beautiful eyes I have looked into and the many coffees I have shared. I have felt sparks on one side but not the other and have felt no sparks to kindle a fire. But the one thing that is common we all share, is for all of us there is someone out there. I have not lost hope nor given up the faith just heading off to another time and space. There is no sad heart nor even disgrace for I will always have a smile on my face. And you know who you are for you have put it there over the bottle of wine we shared.

Yet, for now I shall sit by the fire once more, alone and waiting for the right one to come through my door. An old cat with love in his heart who sees pleasure and joy everywhere. Who knows that his madam fifi is out there. And when we find each other there is so much to share.

So only one thing left to say..........

Never lose hope or give up the faith,
For to have loved and lost is no disgrace.
So put your best foot forward and a smile on,
For I shall remember you all even when I'm gone.

With the star of the east setting in the west,
We will all find love or whatever is the best.
Perhaps not today or even tomorrow,
But all is good for new friends bring no sorrow.

An old frisky kitty on his fence,
Fritz19592 and all the best to you.

ShyWhisper2006 54F
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6/24/2006 1:23 am

You will be missed...

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