Trials and Stimulations  

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Trials and Stimulations

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February 17

You're slowing down. As much as you hate to admit it, this is something that you can't ignore any longer. Turn around and look at whatever is dragging at you. If necessary, stop and untangle yourself. Straining against the pull will only tighten the knot. This kind of work brings a much more realistic perspective. Now you can see that not everyone is impressed with your special talents. They're entitled to their opinions. Maybe you'll prove them wrong, but maybe it's not worth bending over backwards to try. Pleasing yourself is challenging enough in times like these.

Bending over backwards..hah! The way I bend...
it's no wonder I get tangled up at times. The only problem I have with pleasing myself is getting a good camera angle.

I don't know about realistic ...perhaps yesterday was just a full moon and nobody informed the moon.

First comes Dave. The first time I met Dave I think he was Matt talking to me while his wife was giving him head. The second time I met Dave he was Anthony from France. That's when I busted him. The "indeed" response to many of my statements blew his cover though he believes I have psychic power. Now he is just Dave.

This guy asks me the dumbest "do you enjoy pleasing yourself". Heck if I'm pleasing myself why wouldn't I be enjoying it? After a while of this I feel like asking him a "what's with all these stupid questions"

He inevitably tells me how he must start stroking himself as my pictures have him so turned on but since I told him I don't need a blow by blow he has put the brakes on that a bit. Today he just said "I'm going to have to go get my wife". Well after another half hour or so he's still asking stupid questions while stroking his cock and I say "didn't you say you were gonna get your wife?"

"Oh, she left, I'll have do that later" he tells me.

"Later?" I ask him.."like after you find a wife?"

"Indeed!" he replies.

"Please save me" I say...(I can say stuff like that out loud since they can't hear me anyway which is a very good thing) I breathe a sigh of relief when the next guest comes in.

"How are you?" the newcomer asks me and I tell him I'm great. "Are your toe nails painted"

It's the foot guy with the tickle fetish. I know it!

"Have you been tickled lately" he asks me.

I knew it! How anybody can talk about tickling for hours is beyond me. I get turned on by a lot of things but cyber tickling just doesn't do it for me.

"Do you like to give or recieve tickling" He asks me the same thing every time he comes in.

"Oh tickling should be interactive must assuredly" I say...rolling my eyes and praying for a reprieve when I see a new guest entering.

"Hi mom"

Oh great it's one of my kids. Get away from me kid ya bother me.

"I was at Tiffanys pool party and she had food and games today" he tells me. Oh why me!

"Do you have a date tonight mom"

"A date!" I can I have a date when I have to dedicate my life to you..always pulling at my apron strings. If I ever see your father again I'm gonna kill him for impregnating me! Don't you think it's about time you went out and started looking for a job...spread your wings fly the coup, or just at least run away from home!"

"But mom I love you!" he tells me.

"So what? You love twinkies too. Why don't you just love Britney Spears or someone like normal kids your age. I'm starting to feel like Signourey Weaver here, I think I need a martini"

"I'll make you a martini mom" this kid is too much!
"You don't know how to make martinis and besides you just want the olives." I got his number!

"No mom it's Vicky that takes the olives, I dont like olives."

"You are a tattle tale" I tell him I am ashamed of him. "Shame on you, I think you are a bad seed"

"Mom," (he just doesn't give up) "do you wear bikinis"

"Well I think you'd look nice in a bikini mom" he suggests.

"I think you'd look good in the garbage disposal but does that mean you have to dress in one? How can you ask your mother something like that...go to your room NOW!"

"But mom..."

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