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8/23/2005 1:43 pm

I'd like to see what you look like when having sex. Not just from my angle either. I would like to watch you place your cock into another woman and see what you do. Watch your face explore your moans, let her be the vessel so to speak as I satisfy my man. I would watch you going into her pussy and coming out. Oooooo how I would want to taste you and lick you. I'd watch you two get it on for a while and play with myself. You could pump her watching me play with my breasts and stick my fingers around my wet spots. Then I'd get up and kiss you so deeply then move around to the back. I'd lick your bum hole and slide my tongue down to your balls, I'd suck them into my mouth and lick up your scrotum. You'd pump her faster at this wonderful pleasure I give you.
I'd lick the shaft as it comes out of her and you'd stop and let me lick like crazy . Then you'd drive it in her and I would place my thumb gently on your anus. Slowly I'd lick my thumb for lube and slide it in you, you push harder into her and I look for that wonderful little miracle spot for you, locating it you drive harder in her and start to really fuck her.
I lick your cock as it goes in and out and I play with your spot of ecstasy and lick you. You moan "Oh my god , I'm cumin " and you blow the load of mother loads. You thrust yourself deeper
taking all you can from her and giving it your all. You feel such awesome pleasure as you come so close to orgasm, fucking as fast as you can.
I push harder with my thumb and you explode, not once but twice in a row.
You relax as you are the most excited happy guy I know and I release you from my holds and you crawl off her. We dismiss her. Then I sit in front of you on the floor, vibrating tongue ring on the head of your cock. You wiggling and jiggling because it feels so good, pumping your cock into my throat. My tongue ring hard all the way down your shaft ,your hands around my head as you fuck my face faster. Pulsing hand up and down your shaft as I lick you, slapping it against your tummy and pumping the head in my hand. I can feel your close now and you know I want it. I won't stop until I make you cum. Pacing my hands around you I stroke you faster. Cum for me, as I lower my mouth over you again. Taking your balls in one hand, the shaft in the other, I put my mouth on top, squeezing your balls at the same time I'm moving along your shaft I suck on your head.
I pick up the pace of all three and you switch positions to push higher into my mouth. Faster I pulse along your shaft sucking harder on your cock and licking the full length.
I'm taking all you have to give I want to feel you pulsing holding your cock in your hand as I wait with an open mouth wanting to have your cum on my face you. Pulling harder and harder smiling cause your cum for me and on me. You quicken your pace as you draw near. I open my mouth waiting for you to cum on me. Blast and here it comes. I am licking it in mid air and rubbing it on my breasts. Mmmmmmmmm the taste of your cum is great and I lick around my face with my tongue. Still shooting out I place my mouth on top of your cock, sucking the last out of you and kissing your cock. Your body shivers when I touch you now.
I crawl onto your face as you taste me. Your licking me so hard and fast as I cream all over your face. Sticking your finger inside my moist cunt as you lick hard my clit. I fuck your face till I cum again.
Sliding down the front of you and ramming you into me. You grab my hips and fuck the ass off me.
Pushing harder and harder until you moan grabbing my breasts, you push deeper and moan, "Oh god baby I'm gonna cum." "Fuck me!" I yell out and you do. Pumping on you I feel the heat and the pressure of you exploding in me. Faster you push until you can't take it any more, exhausted you blow your load of beautiful cum inside me.

If I am breathing, i am horny

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8/25/2005 2:32 pm


AcnesGulfsHates 69M
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9/11/2005 6:24 am

I like to watch too. Had the experience a couple of times and it like to blew my head off it was soooooo great

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