It's All Coming Back To Me Now  

rm_foxxychica 45F
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6/30/2005 8:05 am

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It's All Coming Back To Me Now

I remember how I loved sucking him and taking him whole into my mouth. How I loved to tease him with the tip of my tongue just at the point where his foreskin joined the crown of his beautiful long cock. I loved the taste of him, the texture of his balls as I sucked them gently in my hot, wet mouth. I'd trace the ridges and veins of his rock-hard shaft with my tongue, loving every pulsating inch. I loved the way he moaned and thrust his hips urgently into my mouth, his hands reaching for the back of my head, pushing me lower to take him in deeper. I reveled in the way the tip of his cock would touch the back of my throat, growing bigger and impossibly hard as I moved my mouth in a tight 'O' up and down his throbbing shaft. One of my hands would caress his balls, the other formed a ring around the base and moved in unison with the movement of my mouth. I'd swirl my tongue all over the head, licking up all his precum (at this precise moment I'd KILL to taste him again), licking, sucking, stroking until I would feel his body go all rigid and heard his urgent guttural moan, "Baby... I'm cummiiiiing!" It just drove me absolutely crazy with ecstasy... I'd moan with my mouth still around his cock, urging him to cum and the vibration of the sounds I try to form push him right over the edge and soon hot jets of creamy, thick jizz fill my eager mouth. I would slurp up and swallow every last precious drop, lose myself in the heady taste of him. He'd pull me up and kiss me, taste himself on my lips, on my tongue. I found that to be so erotic, explosively sexy... there were times I'd orgasm in shuddering spasms when he did that, even when all he did was brush my dripping pussy with his fingers whilst his tongue probed the depths of my mouth. He'd return the favour by going down on me soon after and did he know his way around a clit with that tongue of his! He always had me sobbing in ecstasy. Gave me the most indescribable pleasure. And then he'd hold me tight and kiss me so soulfully... we could spend hours just... kissing, our breaths becoming one and I found myself wanting to lose myself in him... forever. I wanted us to meld into one and stay that way for eternity.

There are days when I yearn for those sweat-soaked, passion-filled days and nights. Those days when he'd take my hand and rub on his back to show me how much he had sweated after a particularly 'energetic' round of glorious fucking. What we did could only be called that -- F U C K I N G . It was wild, hot, urgent and primal -- a frantic coupling.

"The pain of too much tenderness"... the true meaning of Gibran's words were shown to me by this man, who at one time possessed my heart.

The man who will always have a small part of me within him, even if he doesn't know it.

The above is an excerpt from an entry I made into my online journal some time ago. Was reading through the drivel I spewed and came across this entry, about a time in my life (more than several years ago) when I was.. errmm.. less wise (best euphemism for 'stupid' I could find in a pinch ) and too... impulsive.

He was urbane, witty, charming, gorgeous, sexy... and very married. I was... not wise. *wry laugh* One prolly can't swing a dead cat in this city without hitting someone he's done the mattress mamba with yet I found him... irresistible.

EdgeofdesireM 48M

6/30/2005 8:42 am

A sensation at present that I am quite familiar with as well foxxxy. Quite the enigma the way that some of the most pleasurable experiences in life, when the memory open and the flood of remembered sensations pour out create both a desire to have a past in the tomorrow but also a sadness?

Do give your head and the keyboard a break however, as a relative newcomer to your blog page I would hate for you to break that which allows the flow of creativity I have come to enjoy

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6/30/2005 8:43 am

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rm_foxxychica 45F
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6/30/2005 8:12 pm

EdgeofdesireM: I like the way you put that.. 'a desire to have a past in the tomorrow'... Kinda sums up the way I feel. You are right about the 'sadness' part as well, though.

Glad that the drivel I spew... 'entertains'. I will give my keyboard a break.

rm_foxxychica 45F
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6/30/2005 8:14 pm

JRT2: I am laughing amusedly here. Should I apologise for err... evoking such a ... reaction in you with wot I wrote? *wink*

AmberSolaire 43M

7/4/2005 3:49 pm

Poor keyboard.What did it ever do Foxy?

XLHard 52M
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8/7/2005 11:27 am

I'd kiss your lips, feel your tounge, your breasts. Run my hands through your hair, your back, your hot wet hairy pussy. Thrust my finger in and out of your pussy, lick and tounge it. Have you suck my big long hard cock before I spread your leg and fuck you slowly at first. Then I'd increase my rythm, fucking and deep kissing at the same time. My thrusting would continue nonstop...lifting you to your new horizon..uncharted zone. I'd lift one of your legs on my shoulder and continue the rythm. Lifting both of your legs on my shoulder, I'd carress your buttock and continue the thrusting. Next turning you around I'd fuck you from behind feeling that hard fleshy buds with every thrusting motion, while my hands at your hips and breasts, oh that hard breasts of yours. It'd be so hot and wet now and feel so good. Next I'd have you on top of me, alternating between licking your tips and kissing your tounge, my hands would guide your buds to a rythm, the best you'd ever experience, in and out, and in and out, non stop until you reach your climax.

It's time to move on. You may discover a better fuck in the future.

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