Episode 1 - Fox learns about spammers  

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7/22/2006 10:49 am

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Episode 1 - Fox learns about spammers

Before we plunged right into things I (Fox writing at the moment) decided to learn my way around the site a little bit. Since I'll be doing most of the "hunting" I looked around at some articles in the magazine, some blogs, and anywhere else I could find information.

A number of articles about spam were very helpful, though of course we have already received some spam. Spammers should all be drug from their homes, dismembered in teh street, and receive a burial without honor.

I have so far learned that anyone who tries to sound enticing without much of a profile is worthless. An example profile of a spammer would read something like this ...

(Cue screen effects. Waves of distortion roll across the screen and dream sequence music begins)


Hi I'm a 19 year old with (as you can see in teh pic) a smoking hot body and a georgeous picture of my cute little face. I'm looking for anyone for any sort of sex, and I'm hot and wet and waiting for you!

The pic of course looks like it was pulled right from an online porn site, which it undoubtedly was. No other questions are filled out, no blog is written, and no other attempt at communication with the outside world has been attempted.

Fuck Spam.

Two members who appear to be real people have winked at us, and both were attractive so we winked back. One has contacted us by email, though there is no indication whehter anything will come of it.

We aren't terribly picky about physical looks, though anyone we meet will have to be attractive to us, but we definitely aren't interested in the person who's first email was "I want to fuck you both right now! I'm so hot and wet!"

We went and looked at her profile out of curiousity and found that she was pretty much ready to sleep with anyone who contacted her, which knocked her off our hot list permenantly. We don't want any diseases, we're quite happy together if we don't find anyone esle to play with right away, and we don't want to be the 75th and 76th person you have slept with this year.

That will of course makes things a little harder for us, but we're always up for a challenge.

Feature Introduction!
All material of graphic sexual nature will be in dark blue. Fox is a part time professional writer, and he will be writing most of the blog, so most erotic writing will be from his perspective.

On a side note we had some of hte best sex ever yesterday. trixi came home from work in a terrible mood, but after ten minutes of venting she came over to sit next to me on the couch. Within a minute she was on my lap, and absolutely on fire. Ten minutes of kissing and her shirt was off and we were on our way. The intensity was unusual for foreplay and it was obvious going to be something special.

We ended up on the three season porch out in the back of the house, and to hell with the neighbors. They can watch if they really want to, though it was unlikely that anyone would see us. It was the first time we have had sex on the three season, but it certainly won't be the last.

The fruniture includes a abrbers chair, two soft easy cahirs and an ottoman. The ottoman was the key. Trixi spent most of the time on top, while I reclined with my hips on the ottoman and my head and shoulders resting on an easy chair.

By the end I was on top, her hips were on the ottoman, and I was on my knees. The look of ecstacy in her eyes by the end was amazing. When it got to be too much I stood up and came all over her. Often I am quite dominant in bed with her (she loves it that way) but this time I hadn't been at all. The only thing I did was make her play with herself while she was covered in cum until she came herself (again). It was incredibly hot to watch and took her about 60 seconds.

I think this whole idea of finding another girl is going to add even more spice to an already awesome sex life.

I was pleasantly surprised to see 4 comments on the first entry of our blog. It's nice to see that someone is reading already. My blog in real life has over 80,000 readers a week, but I certainly didn't expect much from our first blog here on the site. Thanks for reading and letting us know you're out there!

Tell your sister about us,
Fox and Trixi

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7/23/2006 7:15 pm

smoke it if you've got it.

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