Why is this so hard.  

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7/19/2006 6:54 pm

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11/28/2006 6:16 am

Why is this so hard.

Now before I start if someone cares to corect me please do.

I am a very serious outdoorsman. I love to hunt and fish. I take it very seriously. Ive never won a serious tournament but placed very well in a few. Its not a hobby or a passion but a complete way of life.

Ive been looking for a woman for a long time now that I can share my lifestyle with but all girlfriends so far have not worked out. They all think thats its an ocasional past time no matter how much I tell them thats its me and only me. I am painfully honest about it. And the rest of the womwan I meet are comptely turned off by it. They think Im a complete red neck. Im not at all. Well maybie a little old world but not a red neck. The last few have basically said its me or that. The reason they are now the X. Ive had a few girls actually tell me that i cant go out but have to stay at home and watch TV on a beautifull day. YA RIGHT!!!

Now the beef.

Are all women so turned off by a guy who knows how to put food on his table without going to the grocery store, that they instanly label myslef and others like me freaks and losers. I take pride in knowing the diferences between a red and white oak tree. Or that you can make rope from the cambian layer of bark on cedar tree. I know that 99% of people out there that read this will think im a freak but I really dont care. I am me, take it or leave it. Now on a first date i dont say things like that at all. If i never talked about it most people would never know. However ive wasted so much time getting to know people and as soon as i tell them about my interests its both feet on the brakes and i never hear from them again. Its like the plague or something. Ive made it a rule to tell potential dates about my life style right away. If i dont it will usually come up within half an hour anyways. All it takes is a question like "what do you do for fun" or "what are your interests and hobbies". As soon as i answer its game over. I could lie but thats not the way I work. It really pisses me off that i get labeled instantly. I am a very nice guy with good morals and values. But most people will never know that because they put that stamp on my forehead before they get to know me.

I guess i want to know is there a women out there that I can share my life with.
I dont expect this person to join me on every outing because some of them are missions. 4 hour hikes threw the swamps and bogs just to get to that secrete broke trout hole. Some days I dont even make it.

Both guys and girls please respond and tell your opinion. Maybie it will help me see the other side of my little beef.

MistRider1965 53F

11/25/2006 5:24 pm

Hi there:
Have u ever considered that many women have the same problem as yourself? Why do u think so many women have dogs as companions? They enjoy the outdoors and their partners are not interested?? I like nothing better than going for walks up on the mountain, or along the lake or finding a secluded spot that is hidden in the dense underbrush. To look out over the escarpment and take a deep breath and feel the outdoors in your soul. That is an outdoors person. Whether ice fishing on a cold lake up in the northlands, or setting up a campsite with your horse out in the middle of nowhere with no electricity to speak of. U said u thought u were caught in a time warp and felt displaced. U are not alone. There are many people who feel the same way. So be forewarned that u are not alone. Usually us types are outside and not usually sitting on the computer for extended periods of time. Good luck and next time u bag a venison, remember that for someone, that would be a gourmet meal waiting to be enjoyed.
Mist Rider

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