Fantasy for a rainy day  

rm_fitman4u2006 53M
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7/1/2006 1:39 pm
Fantasy for a rainy day

Can I nibble and kiss your soft sweet lips
Touch you all over with my fingertips
Take off your clothes, so I can see
The body that I see in my fantasies
I tongue you, nibble you, lick and suck you
Oh my god how I want to fuck you
I lick my lips now, my tongue cannot wait
My tongue sliding down from our nipples
Down to your waist
I suck you pussy driving you wild
Don't try to crawl away
Just take it like a good girl
I'm sucking you so deep, I'm sucking you so good
I look up into your face
Seeing you grabbing the headboard to hang on
Oh how I want to cum on your face
I raise up and straddle you
You stroke my cock stiffening and thickening
I pull your head back, our eyes still in lock
I grab your breast as you make be throb so much
You make me cum hard now, the moans begin
I shoot it all over your tongue, lips and chin
Your tongue licks it all, not missing a drop.

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