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3/2/2006 3:50 pm

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Man, what a day. I think a little dinner, and then a light workout. I take off my Dockers and turtleneck and trade them in for a tee shirt and shorts. As much as I hate situps I do them, a nessecary part of the discipline. My body starts to warm, my heart starts to beat a little faster. I love the feeling of the endorphins as they course through me bringing a smile to my face.

Push ups, light weights, and I am done. A little sweat on my brow and my chest. Nothing like a hot shower to close the deal. As I stand naked in front of the mirror, letting the shower steam up the room, I think of you in that short skirt with the cashmere pullover, the thigh high stockings and heels that scream out "Fuck me"!

My cock is instantly hard. I reach into the cabinet for some lube and slick it up good. As I rub my hands over it I can almost convince myself that it is your pussy wrapped around me. Long slow strokes that start at the base and don't stop until my hand slips off the end. The head is so sensitive. I place one hand on the vanity top and raise up on the balls of my feet. The strokes come faster and more aggressively. My asws starts to clench, my back starts to arch as I feel the orgasm building. My head drops to my chest and a low groan emits from my throat as my cock bucks in my hand, cum spraying from the end, landing here and there, in the sink, on my stomach, dripping over my hand.

What I would give to feel your hands on my hips, your soft naked body press up against mine as you turn me around, drop to your knees and let my now softening cock into your mouth as you cleaned me off. Join me in the shower and we can explore a little more of each other...

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