Long weekend  

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3/13/2006 3:42 pm

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7/28/2007 6:46 am

Long weekend

I have a great need to have my cock sucked by a women that just wants to suck it. I want to stand there, watching as she slowly lets it slip between her lips, along her tongue, and presses against the back of her throat. Tighten your lips around the base and start back again, pulling it, creating a vacuum with your sucking, trying to suck the cum right out of me. I want to place my hands in your hair and guide your motion, control your speed. You just worry about keeping you lips around it.

Wouldn't it be great in front of a full length mirror so that you watch from the corner of your eye? Watch yourself as you put your hands on my hips and greedily start sucking like your life depended on it. Maybe you would slip a finger to my asshole and tease it a bit to see my reaction, that would be nice.

Start to make serious work of it baby, your saliva dripping off me onto the floor, your head bobbing back and forth like some kind of machine. Nothing in your mind except that sweet explosion of hot cum filling your mouth. Your neck starts to burn and your jaws start to ache, but you know I am close. You can feel me starting to shake. You know as I start wrapping my hands tighter into your hair that it is here. Will you be ready as I pull your head to my groin, as I push my cock into your throat and start to pump my juices straight down your throat? Will you try and pull away? Will you be able to swallow it all, or will you let it run down your chin and drip onto your chest, rubbing it in like a lotion?

Let me know, I am a bit curious....

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