half time blitz  

rm_firewolf25 43M
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5/31/2006 6:28 am
half time blitz

I had a press pass so i was alowed in the press box during home football games i was 18 and wrote articals for my small town newspapperIt was homecomeing, and the band was on the fieldthe box was closed and only two people wher in the booth me and this leggy blond,she placed her hand on my thiegh as i was joting down notes on the first half before i knew it she my fully exposed and giveing me the best blow job i ever had one thing lead to anther and we had a quicky ever thing was going great untill the placed her foot on the intercome. as i steped out of the box i got a standing o and escorted to the county jail I must say it was woth it though

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