Chicago Surprises  

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10/25/2005 5:32 pm

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Chicago Surprises

I just returned from a visit to Chicago...a yearly excursion my brother and I take which can be anywhere in the country. This year Chicago, last year NYC, the year before Chicago. We've been to New Orleans, Miami, etc. I love this time with him and also the time alone. I say alone because I usually go out one or two day ahead and get settled in, get the lay of the land and find places to explore.

This year was very exciting in Chi town...the World Series, Notre Dame vs BYU, Bears vs Ravens. I'm not a sports fan but Chicago was packed with visitors from all over the country. The Viagra triangle was packed with people from every walk of life. I danced, I ate, danced some more...drank, dance and then dance again.

I met this very intersting woman, a local real estate lady whom I found very attractive...about 5'8", shoulder length auborn hair and the most incredible green eyes. She was also a very good dancer.

Towards the end of the night we headed down to Greek town before they closed up get some octopus and saganaki. Over Retsina we started to open up to each other and she told me that she was a breast cancer survivor. I had noticed that she was not really buxom ( I like busty ladies) but I never thought about breast cancer. Her story of survival and faith was so touching and I felt so previlidged that she would share this with me that I just really wanted to be as close as i could be with her.

We went to my hotel room afterwards and made love until 7:00 AM. At first I was worried about being able to get past her scars but I was so into this woman and her openess with me that nothing could get in the way of my wanting to be closer to her. In the morning light we stood in front of the window and examined each others bodies. I touched and kissed her everywhere and she the same with me.

Afterwards she shared with me that she'd had sex only twice since her mastectomy. Once with her husband who could not bring himself to touch her scars and once with a complete stranger who had a very difficult time once he saw her nude.

To me she was beautiful, brave, and incredibly sensous and erotic. We saw each other three more times before I left and when I go back to Chicago for business I hope she will se me again. What an incredible experience.

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