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3/18/2006 3:17 am

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I'm in Spain with Mr Fingers. He does business out here so we have an apartment in a complex. It's a really nice place, classy, good security. Mr Fingers is happy to leave me here while he sorts out whatever he has to. I read, swim, lie by the pool. Sometime's he's gone an hour, sometimes most of the day. He'll always text me so I know when to expect him back.

This visit is different from the many that have preceded it. Before I'd spend my time alone thinking about 'normal' stuff; planning what we might do that evening, thinking about what I'd wear, wondering if I need another pair of shoes. You know, all that sort of thing.

This time I'm a bi woman in the first flush of lust. And where better to put me than by a pool surrounded by strangers, most of them women, and all wearing very little clothing!

This time I'm finding my skimpiest bikini and exercising myself stupid to look good for them, not for Mr Fingers and his friends. This time I'm wondering how to write "bi bitch in heat" across my forehead in ink visible only to women with a hard on for other women!

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3/18/2006 4:09 am

Sounds like a good plan

Purry {=}


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