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3/19/2006 7:26 am

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Dutch girls

I have met two dutch girls by the pool, they're bi too and like to sunbathe naked, which I've liked alot! There aren't many kids or families around at this time of year so its cool. We all went for a boozy night out, Mr Fingers and their husbands came along.

The next day the girls invited me to go along with them for a day at a secluded beach; you can only get there by sea. The complex has it's own little motor boat, so we took a picnic and about half an hour later were unloading our stuff at a lovely little cove surrounded by rocks and forest, not a building or person to be seen.

The boatman said he'd be back at 3.00 and left us. The girls quickly stripped off so I decided it would be silly, and a bit British, to stay covered up. We'd brought sun loungers and set them up in the sun and lay down for a relaxed few hours of tanning and talking. Eventually the subject got around to AdultFriendFinder; it's a subject that had come up the day before when one of the girls, Micha, had told me she and her husband had been approached by a German couple for a night of four-play! I explained that Mr Fingers knew nothing about it so they must be discreet, and then went on to describe my memorable night with Mr & Mrs X at the private party (previous post, pics on my profile).

Micha & Rene were enthralled, and the memories of that night started to make me feel really horny. The girls had already told me that they'd had bi experiences together, but the thought of being in public, and photographed at the same time, really seemed to turn them on too. I had brought my camera (never go anywhere without it now!) but decided to wait for a less obvious moment before I announced that.

We chatted a while before Micha pointed out it was past noon so we decided to move the loungers to some shade to have lunch. We had fruit and cheese to eat and white wine chilled by the sea (we'd stashed between some rocks when we arrived - good thinking huh?). The sight of these two gorgeous young girls perched on the dge of their loungers with naked pussies displayed before me was almost too much; I didn't eat alot. I pulled out my camera and suggested I take some photos which I could email them later. Rene moved to sit on the the lounger with Micha for one sensible photo and then they started messing around, pulling faces and poses. Micha took Renes face in both hands and went to give her a kiss for the camera. I quickly realised they weren't going to pull apart and soon they were snogging, becoming more passionate by the second. Micha moved her hands from Rene's face, putting one around her waist and the other on a breast. That was it for me; the stomach tightening thing started happening and I moved closer with my camera. I took about 20 pictures of them being tender with each other, kissing, stroking and teasing nipples.

Micha moved to get up and took the camera from me. She told me to kiss Rene - "something for your AdultFriendFinder albums". I was a bit shy about it, especially when Rene went to make herself more comfortable as I moved toward her. She was lying down on her side on the lounger, so I had no choice than to lie beside her. I lay facing her but she pressed my right shoulder back and down so I was lying on the edge of the lounger. I had to put one foot on the floor to keep myself from falling off. Micha started taking pics. Rene started kissing me, light butterfly kisses on my ear and across my face until I her lips met mine. Her tongue snaked out to lick my slightly parted lips and then delved in further. Her tongue tasted of wine, her lips warm from Micha and from the sun tasted slightly of salt. I joined in with enthusiasm and soon we were moving our hands over each others bodies.

It didn't take Rene long before her light touch was dancing across my stomach to my pelvis. I tensed in anticipation and opened my legs wider in invitation. It seemed an age she teased me, kissing me so seductively and tracing a pattern over my stomach and thighs with the tips of her fingers. I felt myself becoming wet with the excitement and longed for her more intimate touch. Micha spoke and reached out "I should take a picture of your pussy now". The kiss stopped and Rene reached over to help Micha spread my pussy lips while Micha took a one-handed picture. She was far too close and hadn't allowed for focus, but did I care?

Now that we'd touched more intimately things sped along. Rene's fingers on my outer lips stroked downwards towards my vagina and I had a moment of complete blissful and pussy clenching sweet agony before I felt one finger tentatively move inside me. I gasped at the exquisite shock of it and was so turned on the whispered words just fell out of me mouth without control "oh god, please fuck me".

She obviously found me more than ready for her fingers and soon she had three of them sliding in and out rhythmically. Micha could control her urges no longer and moved close between my legs. She used her own juices to lube a finger and thumb which she used to pinch, squeeze and rub my clit in time with Rene's fingering. I was brought to the edge of orgasm and hovered there for an age as my body quivered at the sensations and my mind absorbed and played with the thought of these two girls focussed on my pleasure. I was just thinking I might be in control when the squeezing stopped, they moved position and I felt a tongue flat against my pussy. I held by breath as it swept slowly up until the stiff tip of it was at my clit where it then slipped up further and hooked under the hood moving very gently side-to-side across my clit sending the most incredible sensations right down to my toes. I remember crying out as she then brought her whole mouth down on to my pelvis bone, sucked in and pulled my clit into her mouth, still tonguing the end of it. I came in a whirl as she pulled my lips and clit right out holding them gently with her teeth and sucking hard, as two fingers relentlessly pounded my pussy.

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yummy 2 very lucy ladies would love to see them pics


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