The Podunk Train Station  

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The Podunk Train Station

She stepped off the train in some small town safely tucked away in the rolling farm hills of South Georgia, and it was like stepping back a hundred years in time. She stood there in the summer heat, feeling wilted and very nearly overcome with dismay. It seemed there was nothing in this little stop in the road of any note and she thought to herself.... "So this is Podunk. Nobody told me this would be synonymous with hell?"
With a soft sign she grabbed the handle of her single piece of luggage and walked into the shade of the rickety old building. It was surprising cool despite its lack of air conditioning. The place seemed deserted, and looking around she saw there was not even a phone, and her cell phone had no signal bars. She sat gingerly in the single dust covered chair, trying to decide what to do next. It had been a long trip and she was tired. Her eyes soon closed and she drifted, amazing as it sounds, into a quick and deep slumber.
NIght fell quickly in this small Southern town in the middle of nowhere and when she awakened she was startled by the murky blackness of the room. She did not know where she was in that first moment of waking, and the small hairs on the back of her neck stood at prickly attention. AS the memory of the small dilapidated train station returned dismay washed over her. Caught up in all of those things, she was not at first aware of the small sounds that had awakened her, but as she came more fully awake the pinpricks of discomfort turned to fear. She was not alone in this small dark space, and her heart began to hammer with fear.
This initial awareness had barely set in when she felt something brush across the back of her neck, and her mind's eye saw a huge ugly spider with monstrous fangs. Spiders were one of her biggest fears, but it would soon come to pass that a spider would have been preferable to her current companion.
With a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach she recognized that what she felt was fingers. Jerking away a small startled cry slipped from her lips, quickly stifled by a large hard hand that pressed her teeth cruelly into the soft flesh of her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in fear and she began to quiver uncontrollably.
The low guttural sound of his laugh grated in her ear and she felt the rough hasp of the rope biting into her wrists. She began to struggle and his voice was deceptively soft, "If you do not fight there will be only pleasure. IF you choose to fight me, there will be pain you never imagined possible. Even now, when choice seems removed, you continue to have choices." Something in his voice stilled her struggles. She had no doubt that the pain he promised would be forthcoming, and that it would be more than she could endure. The fear continued to rage within her combined with the darkness to heighten her sense of touch and smell, and even her taste seemed magnified. The taste of her fear was strong and reminded her somehow of black licorice. She grimaced with distaste...she had never liked licorice.
As she stilled he removed his hands from her, and the room became very still and quiet. She sensed him near her and indeed could even feel waves of heat emanating from his body, but as she listened she could hear only the ragged sounds of her own breath, slowing and becoming more even as the moments ticked by. She was suddenly sure that it was this sense of calm he waited for, and she began to understand. This strange unseen man needed her helpless before him, but he did not wish her harm. She almost laughed at that thought; held captive by him it seemed a ludicrous thought but she somehow knew that it was so.
Finally she heard him move. She could hear the whispering rustle of his clothing as he moved and the feel of the rough rope snaking around her ankles startled her. Her body jerked in response and when she did he must have thought she intended to kick out at him. He grabbed her calves, fingers digging in painfully, and murmured softly, “Steady now.” His voice was like a dark velvet touch and it soothed her overloaded senses so that she stilled beneath his touch once more. The ropes bound her legs open and she felt as if she were on display to eyes she could not yet see. Time seemed to have crawled, and yet she had been awake no more than seven or eight minutes.
She felt his hands pushing her skirt up her thighs. The linen, rumpled from her long trip and her short nap, was wrinkled and rumpled and the material felt creased as it slid up her thighs. She had a mental vision of the beige suit, lined now with dark gray streaks of dirt from the floor, and laughed aloud at the absurdity of her thoughts of cleaning bills at a time like this. The short bark of laughter seemed to catch him off guard for a moment. He became still, and then emitted a small chuckle of his own. She was startled by her reaction to the sound. It stirred something almost feral within her, and she felt a sudden moisture within the folds of the vee where her thighs met. Her face flooded instantly with shame and she was grateful for the shield of the darkness.
Still he seemed to sense her sudden excitement. His fingers brushed lightly over her calves and moved slowly over the inside of her leg, moving steadily higher to tease the soft flesh of her inner thighs. She nearly held her breath as his fingers climbed, and her tactile senses urged him to continue. Her hips lifted slightly of their own accord. She fought her own response and forced herself to lie still beneath his gentle onslaught. The fingers trailed in maddening circles, coming ever closer to the silk clad folds of her sex, until finally they grazed lightly over aching lips and through the damp valley between them. She moaned softly, catching her lower lip between her teeth to stifle the sound.
One finger pushed into the valley, pressing the silk panties into the slick tight opening of her pussy. He began to twist the single digit, the silk allowing his finger to rotate within her as the panties became increasingly wet with her juices. She ached for more, her ankles and wrists straining at the ropes that held her bound and open before the unseen man who touched her at will. The rope dug into the tender flesh in sharp contrast to his gentle touch, and the contrast only served to heighten her desire. Whimpering softly she tugged harder and was rewarded with a sudden ripping sound as he tore the silk panties from her.
There was a small moment where the fear returned and she almost sobbed with relief when he returned his fingers gently to her swollen wet lips, stroking her glistening labia almost reverently. The tip of his finger moved through the slick slit of her pussy, teasing her throbbing clit. She thrust her hips sharply up to him and a second finger joined the first one, capturing the small hard nub between them. Pinching lightly, twisting, then one finger to either side of her clit he seemed intent on teasing the small bud to the point of explosion. Another moment of fear came as something closed over her nose and her mouth. She opened her mouth to cry out and he thrust quickly inside. The silk of the panties filled her with sensual fiery dlite, and the taste of her own excitement flooded sweetly over her tongue. Sucking softly around his fingers as they thrust into her mouth her hips raised more sharply toward his other hand. Aching with need now, all shame gone from her, she gave herself over to the pleasure he invoked in her. Leaving the panties in her mouth his fingers slipped from them and slid slowly down her body. The already moistened fingers slipped deep inside her velvet throbbing cunt, two of them at first, and then a third. Fucking her deeply with slow gentle stabs of his hand, his other fingers still coaxing her clit as it became more turgid. Mindless with need she began to murmur softly around the silk of the panties. “Oh my god,” she whimpered, “Oh my god it feels so good. Don’t stop, please, oh please don’t stop.”
With a small growl of lust his fingers probed more insistently and the thrusts inside her became deeper, more forceful. She felt the flow of her excitement over his hands, and her back arched sharply as her orgasm approached with thundering intensity. Her thighs tightened almost painfully and she barely felt the sharp bite of the ropes as her body strained against them. He sensed her need and his thrusts became almost brutal in his own rising hunger. His hands explored each crevice, each fold, each inch of smooth bare flesh until finally her body tensed and she cried out in mindless fiery passion.
Her juices squirted hotly over his fingers as she began to cum for him in powerful gushing spasms. She sucked instinctively at the silk crotch of the panties and with a small cry of triumph as ageless as life itself she felt his hot seed spurting over her pussy as he emptied his need over her steaming fragrant sex. Still his fingers worked, inside her…over the hardened nub of her clit…pulling each drop of her cum from deep within her being to flow hotly into his palm with the thick white ropes of his own cum. Their bodies bucked together in almost perfect rhythm until finally the powerful waves began to subside.
She felt him collapse beside her, almost but not quite touching her. She yearned to feel his body against hers, but he stayed distant and she could not bring herself to ask. Moments ticked by and their ragged breathing returned to normal. Reaching up he smoothed damp tendrils of her hair from her face and then spoke quietly into her ear. “I am about to untie you and take my leave of you. You are to stay very still and quiet until I am gone, and then you may do as you please. This is clear to you?”
She spoke her response quietly, her voice soft and almost seeming to caress him. “Yes. Everything is clear to me.”
He removed the ropes first from her ankles and then her wrists. She was motionless in her obedience as she listened to the sounds of him moving about the dark room. There was a small flash of lighter darkness as he opened the door and slipped away from her into the night. She lay in silence, her fingers drifting down to feel the now cooling evidence of his spent desire, working it into her pussy lips with slow gentle strokes. She felt a sudden stir of excitement. Ignoring it she rose and made her way to the door. In the distance she heard the whistle of a train.
Making her way back into the darkened room of the station she gathered her things. She searched for the small scrap of silk and could not find it. She could not even remember why she had come to this godforsaken little town called Podunk, Georgia, but she was taking her leave of the place. Boarding the train, she ignored the knowing gaze of the conductor and took her seat. Leaning back on the seat she understood that he had taken her panties, much like a hunter takes the head of his prey to mount proudly on his mantle. With a small smile she knew that this was as it should be.
Months passed in her home in the city but the memory of his touch would not fade. She lay in her bed at night with the hunger coursing hotly through her veins, and her hands followed the path his own had taken over her body. It seemed she would forever hunger for the touch of his hands and her mind drifted toward a return to the small God-forsaken train station of Podunk, Georgia.

Dom_firecapt 59M

12/22/2006 7:20 pm

Very hot if only I had her in my restraints

twisted225 38F

2/17/2007 5:38 pm

To know how far ur mind will let you go is unrevealing... everyone being different.. i think you capture the minds of some who excite through fear... some woman would say no way it would happen like that.. but some deep inside would love to be there... me, i would love to rack ur brain on a deeper level.. ur words mearly a hint of the creativity you posess.... and the first blog.... i couldnt comment on... but you truly captured what i was thinking before the end.. i couldnt look away for the pride in me wanted to know how you were gonna end the story........ty .. i enjoyed all i read immensely

rm_fierydlite 60F
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2/22/2007 9:33 pm

Thank you beautiful twisty....smiling softly. I am glad you have enjoyed what I have written here. I enjoy exploring the avenues of the taboo at you can see clearly in my posts. Thank you for reading.....much love to you sis.

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