Saturday Night Happenings  

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2/26/2006 5:45 pm

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Saturday Night Happenings

So, it's about time, I actually got laid! hahaha... I wasn't expecting it, but it happened.

You know what's nice about one night stands that are really great? When they turn into something more than just a one night stand.

I worked all weekend, but a friend begged me to go have a few drinks with her, so we went out. The bar, had a DJ playing music so it was nice, but I didn't do much dancing, because they didn't have much of a dance floor.

I had been at the bar, for about an hour and walks in this guy that I hadn't seen in over a month. The first night I met him was at another bar in town, and we ended up having a little fun all night long and then I never thought to give him my number so he could get a hold of me.

Anyway, my friend noticed him and by this time she was totally drunk and she began to wave at him like crazy and he came over and gave me a little wink and said hi. We talked for a few hours and then he started hinting about leaving the bar and seeing his new place. At first I was a little reluctant, but I ended up going and I'm glad I did.

I had almost forgotten how good he was at licking my clit and finding all the right places. And his cock is a very, very nice size.

I didn't even get a look around the place, just straight to the bedroom and we began to kiss and clothes started to fall all around us. He licked my clit for what seemed like a half hour, it was so good. I let him be on top this time, when he decided to stop licking my clit and slide his cock inside my wet pussy.

He said it had been a while for him, and he had to stop thrusting every once in awhile so he wouldn't cum right away, but I said go ahead.

We waited a few minutes, and then I started sucking on his cock, making him hard again. Then he got behind me, and we proceeded to fuck doggie style and damn I couldn't believe how great that felt with his cock going in and out, while his balls smacked my ass. I came so hard, I screamed, and I hope his neighbors didn't hear! haha...

He stopped slamming into my pussy from behind and he laid down on his back, while I straddle his thighs and took his cock in my hand and lowered myself on top of him. I set the pace, fast and a little rough. I love to ride this way, I can bounce up and down and my clit still gets rubbed. And I loved the way he would suck on my nipples and thrust his hips up, so that he was meeting my thrusts.

I took my time, until I felt another orgasm rising, and I tried not to moan so loud, but it was so good. His cock was so nice, I felt him deep inside me and I had another great orgasm.

We rolled so he was on top, and he continued to pound his cock inside my pussy, until he, himself, had an orgasm. He rested his head on my chest, breathing hard. I felt his cock still inside of me and I didn't want to move. It felt so right, and I knew I could last all night long and so could he.

Damn, all nighters are the greatest. But I could tell it had been awhile, I was a little sore when I woke up this morning.

And I did remember to give him my number this time.

herringje 41M

2/26/2006 9:11 pm

farm girl84 that was a good story and i am glad you got laid but did he go for round 3 and four i shure would have. after i teased your clit alot longer and the innersides.

largerthanlife73 45M

2/26/2006 10:24 pm

You see? It's as if I had a premonition when I read your post Saturday evening! haha!

Cowboy_Deluxe 39M

2/27/2006 4:14 pm

Good for you!

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