Makin' love in a field of flowers  

rm_farm_girl84 34F
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7/29/2006 4:11 pm

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7/31/2006 11:45 pm

Makin' love in a field of flowers

You're driving down some interstate, and you look over into a field of wild flowers...

Ever think about pulling over and making sweet love right there, in the middle of field of flowers? Something slow and passionate, when you mean every move you make, every touch, every kiss...

timberwolf6972 45M

7/29/2006 4:40 pm

I've never thought about that one but I'll have to try it sometime! {=}

Djeeper1987 48M

7/29/2006 10:31 pm

If I had a woman I probably would.

Carpe Diem

multitasksextoy 60M  
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7/30/2006 6:23 am

Don't know about the flowers,but grain fields,pastures coulees.Yep,been there done it,even got the t-shirt!!! Later farmgirl.

Kristofer32 47M

7/31/2006 6:11 am

Isn't that the best part of living in the country? The time I spent in the city made me realize most of those people cannot even visualize what you just said. Their loss. Let's keep that one a secret


rm_marnisway 86F
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7/31/2006 10:40 pm

smack in the middle of a corn field....


Nothing is ever the same... when it comes to pleasures.

with a hint....the erotic senses will manifest into an abounding mess of flesh

the mind needs fulfillment of the body

if it feels good is good

I've done it again...*S*

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