A nice surprise  

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3/12/2006 1:12 pm

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A nice surprise

Friday night, seemed like a low key kind of night. Stayed at home, and a friend decided he was going to come over and watch Walk the Line with me. Good movie, if I do say so myself and it’s a must see for those that have not seen it.

Anyway, we were watching the movie, and drinking a few beers. When he asked if I would read him my latest blog. I laughed and said no, he could just read it, so I proceeded to log on to AdultFriendFinder and found two blogs for him to read. It’s amazing how the written word can make someone so horny. He motioned me to sit on his lap, while he read and asked if I’d like to make this fantasy of mine a reality. His hand slipped behind my neck and pulled me close as his lips found mine.

We sat there in my chair kissing and his hands traveled under my shirt, up to my breasts and he started to caress them. Suddenly his mouth was there, sucking on a nipple. We moved to the couch for more room, and his mouth continued to suck on one nipple, as one of his hands played with the other.

I felt his hand leave my tit, and his hand made a path down to my waist. He undid my belt, and then unbuttoned my jeans, the zipper followed… Next thing I knew his fingers were playing with my clit, in rhythmic movements. I was horny and wanting more than just his fingers. I got up, grabbed his hand and led him into the bedroom.

Once there we both proceed to undress and I laid down on to the bed, as he came down on top of me and we started kissing all over again. He played with my breasts some more, then grabbed my hand and put it to his chest. I slide my hand down his stomach to his waist. What was waiting below was a good shocker. This guy wasn’t built like anyone, I’d ever been with before. He was big, I mean big!! I could hardly wrap my hand around his cock.

I wrapped my hand around him as best as I could, and began to stroke his cock. Up and down, up and down. He brushed my hand away and then I felt his cock against my thigh. My pussy was hot, he said as he slowly began to enter. Very slowly he entered, even though I was very wet, his cock wasn’t the size I was use too. Once he was fully inside of me, he came out slowly, then back in again.

Finally he was able to set a rhythm, and I was raising my hips to meet his thrusts. He felt so good. In a few thrusts I started to cum. I moaned, so did he, it felt so good. Then I felt him leave me, as he help me to rise up and I took his cock into my mouth. I sucked on the head of his cock, as my hand pumped his shaft. I heard him moan, I felt his hand on the back of my head, as his hot cum filled my mouth, and leaked out the sides on to his shaft.

We lay there afterwards, talking for a few minutes. As our breathing slowed down, I got under the covers and cuddled up next to him, since I was a little cold. It didn’t take long for him to become hard again, with my ass pressed up to his cock. I rolled over on to my stomach, as he kissed my back.

As I laid there I felt his cock trying to seek entrance into my awaiting pussy. I moved one leg slightly, and in one swift motion his cock was fully inside of me, filling me completely. After awhile, with him still inside of me we moved together so I could come up on to my knees.
His cock felt so good, moving in and out, I didn’t want him to stop.

He pulled out and we tried our luck with anal sex, but he was just too big, without any lube. After a few tries, he returned his cock to my pussy and without wasting any time, he brought both of us to another orgasm. I laid back down on my stomach, breathing hard.

Only thing I can say about that night... I can’t wait until next time, when I get to ride.

liketoworkonyou 40M

3/12/2006 4:34 pm

I've told you before you can ride me anytime you want, just say the word and make sure we have plenty of lube...lol

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