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3/19/2006 1:54 pm

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50th post

I was told for my 50th post I was suppose to come up with 50 things about myself, so here it is....enjoy

1. I’m a country girl (that’s a given..lol)
2. I have 3 brothers
3. I have 2 nieces
4. My family means the world to me
5. I write poetry
6. I’m a whiskey girl
7. I have blue eyes
8. I have two tattoos
9. The only beer I’ll drink is Bud light
10. I was raised on a small ranch/farm in Montana
11. I’m in North Dakota going to college
12. I’m not afraid to speak my mind
13. I love country music, but enjoy other styles too
14. I love watching westerns…John Wayne is the man
15. I like to read books
16. I wear the tight wrangler or cruel girl jeans
17. I’m in my last year of college
18. I already have my Associates Degree, just working on my bachelors now
19. I love to go out horseback riding
20. I’ve been riding horses since I was 2
21. I’m an outdoors type person, don’t like being stuck inside
22. I’m shy when I first meet someone
23. I have a very creative imagination
24. I like to sing
25. I love a hard days work out on the ranch
26. I hope to own a ranch some day
27. I like to go out dancing
28. I like to play pool
29. Don’t care if I’m ever rich, just want to live comfortably
30. Blue and silver are my favorite colors
31. Basketball and rodeo are my two favorite sports
32. I play basketball every chance I get
33. The number 12 is my favorite number
34. I’ve been hurt
35. Have loved, but not loved in return
36. I have always been a good listener
37. I love to go camping
38. I lost my sister/best friend when I was 17
39. I try to challenge myself in everything I do
40. A quote to live by: “Let go of yesterday, pray for tomorrow, live for today”
41. I’m not afraid to try new things
42. I can’t wait until May (working on the ranch and brandings)
43. Then I can’t wait until December (I’ll graduate in dec.)
44. I’ve been to KS, ND, SD, Minn., Idaho, WY, Neb., and Canada
45. Would love to see a good looking cowboy (country guy), walk through my door
46. Can’t wait to find a waterfall
47. I can be a smartass
48. I can be a bitch, if I have to be
49. I’d rather be a lover not a fighter
50. I’m looking for a new and fun adventure

jackjim3 42M
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3/19/2006 7:35 pm

I just came across your blog. I enjoyed the 50 facts and wish you luck in all you do.

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