Anonymously Obvious  

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4/10/2006 12:39 am

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Anonymously Obvious

A carefully crafted monicker, a slightly obscured profile with one off descriptions, a well rehearsed facade, a photo with the face blurred....

What's the point?

Shamed into the depths of midnight email checks and a locked door photo upload session, the pseudo anonymous are hunched over their keyboards, gaurding their monitors like hyenas protecting a carcass.

Unable to shrug off the shackles of their puritan herritage, their fantasies become their guilt, to be coveted in the dark, alone, but never persued.

My photo, my profile, my blog, all are shining symbols, screaming out to the free world, "Hey! I like pussy, I like it swinging over my bed in leather straps, I like it bouncing on the tip of my nose, I like it kinky, sweaty and down right dirty, take it or leave it, buddy!"

By the way, I'm Kevin. I'm an engineer, an educated, cultured, successful professional. I'm also an avid lover of all things woman, sexual and sometimes, downright deviant.

Don't blush, life, love and lust are not mutually exclusive. Wear your whips and toys like badges.

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4/10/2006 1:13 am

who sayz I don't....


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4/10/2006 3:03 am


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