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rm_fantasyis3 49M/F
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11/3/2005 3:32 pm

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11/3 beginning of the blog

day one I want to get opinions about my fantasy of 3 .....

what man wouldn't want to be part of such an experience? Is it intimidating for a man to think of being with two women or watching while your partner is with another woman?


mailmantrouser2 55M
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11/3/2005 5:17 pm

Not as intimidating as watching his partner with another man! But how does the partner feel about it? Does she have any say in the matter?

rm_fantasyis3 49M/F
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11/3/2005 8:28 pm

im the she my partner is the he .... he doesn't know yet

rm_daven21 70M

11/4/2005 3:33 am

I have been involved with 4 MFM situations where I was the "extra" male to the couple. In every case, after great foreplay, I was first to enter. I all of these cases the husband was absolutley turned on by watching another man ding his wife. Three of the four guys would get in so close to watch that they litterally got in the way.

If this will work for you will depend on how you prepare your partner, but if he is so inclined in his personanlity, then it should be a fairly easy sell.

And - oh yes - when I would finish, in each and every cas, each and every time, the husband would get in and perform at a higher level than they normally would alone.

So if your ready for all of that - start softening him up for the question.

mailmantrouser2 55M
534 posts
11/4/2005 1:48 pm

Oh, so you are going to surprise him? That should really please him, as long as he gets his fair share of the action. You can't expect him to just watch and not want to be part of it. The question then is, will you want him tomparticipate with you and let the other woman watch, or do do want to watch him get it on with her? Maybe the two of you can go to work on him, but that may not be practicable.
When will this happen, is it any special occasion - birthday, anniversary, whatever?
Please let me know all about it!

doit4joy 60M
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11/10/2005 4:04 pm

I can't tell FMF situation, but
MFm (where small m is me, big MF is couple) situation.
I wasn't sure if the Men was bi-curious or not, but obviously he enjoyed touching me, sucking mine, and watching and taking a picture while I was inside a Female... (By some reason, he didn't had sex with his wife that time... but he just sucked nipples and mastubated and cum on her) so I hesitated to cum inside her, so I pulled out, removed condom and cum on her tits.
Anyway, it is exciting for me since I like exhibit myself, and the couple had a similar interest...

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