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Have you ever really thought about music....I mean really.....the style, key, composition, lycics,and emotion.....It's more than just notes on a page...those who play and sing it have to do it from the heart....they must feel what they're doing to make it come alive and stir your heart to feel what they're feeling.....granted the kay and rythims have alot to do with it.....but it lies mostly in the band

think about that when you listen to your favorite song would it sound if one element of it's composition was changed.....and when it's over ask yourself why is it my favorite & why does it affect me so

My top three:
War Pigs (basement tapes version)-Black Sabbath
Heart Of the Devil-DanzigWreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald-Gordon Light Foot

though I can listen to almost Anything

till we meet next Sex Guns and Rock N' Roll
Joey Famine

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