Submissive Women?  

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1/28/2006 7:51 am

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Submissive Women?

A lot of women are submissive in bed, infact most want a man that will take charge in bed, play a little rough some spanking and some serious hickeys on the neck. If you have any doubt the 1st President Bush spanked his wife on the Ass on the white house lawn. You never pictured George and Barbara as a kinky couple but that slap on the ASS clued you in. I am sure you can now picture barbara in tights or thigh highs. Anyway I digress.
About 18 months ago, I met a lady on AdultFriendFinder. I said hi and we exchanged a few emails. We went from AdultFriendFinder to Yahoo instant messenger and of course she had a cam. I asked her to turn it on and she did. She was sitting there with her negligee and no undies \8b . After doing the cartoon eyes, I asked her to start tocuhing herself and which each request she said yes master or my pleasure master. Wow. I asked her to call me and she did. Asked her where she lived and she told me. We set a date and I showed up. She lived in a duplex and had to come down a flight of stairs. As she opened the door she stood taller than I did. So I asked her since when did a slave stand taller than her master. She apologized and I told her to get on her knees right in front of the door and suck my cock. She said yes master and started to suck my cock. I must have died and gone to heaven happym; . Well afer I wiped my chin off the floor I followed her up the stairs to her living room.

Part 2 will come at a later date. It gets much more interesting.

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