Sex with my Teacher  

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4/16/2005 5:25 am

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Sex with my Teacher

I had just finished collage and moved back to my home town. I went out to one of the local bars to have a beer and see if any of my old gang was still around. As I sat at the bar having a beer I noticed a group of woman sitting on the other side having a good time drinking and laughing. One of them keep looking over at me every once and a while as she was talking with her friends. She was older woman with red hair. She was wearing a dress the showed off her curves and her cleavage. The band came back from break and started playing. Her friends all head for the dance floor. She walk around the bar to me and asked if I would dance with her. As I said yes, it dawn on me that this was Ms. Anderson my 8th grade math teacher. Ms. Anderson was one of the hots teachers in my school. As she took my hand to lead me to the dance floor I admired how nice her ass was and how tight her dress fit. As we danced I admired how will she moved and how her tits moved up and down. I also could not believe how sexy she looked for woman that was 40 something. After a couple of fast dances a slow one came up. I took her by the hand and pulled her close and she wrapped her arms around my waist. As we danced Ms.Anderson started rubbing my ass. I returned the favor and let my hand slowing rub her ass. As the song ended she gave me one hot and wet kiss, shoving her tongue in my mouth and than sucking on my tongue.
At the end of the night and couple more dance I walked her to her car. When we got there we kissed again. As we kissed I grabbed her ass pulling her tight to my body hoping she could feel my cock scream for attention. When we stop the kiss she whispered in my ear if I would come home with her, I quickly said yes. I followed her home, on the way my mind race with the thought that I would get to have sex with my teacher.
As we entered her house she asked if wanted something to drink. She open the refrigerator door and bent over to see what she had. I could not believe how sexy her ass was. I walked up behind her and gently grabbed her hips and leaned over and whispered, "I think I found what I want". She stood up leaned into me as I kissed her neck and wrapped my arms around her. I moved one hand up and started messaging her tit. Her nipples had been pushing against her dress all night wanting to be played with. As I softly play with my teachers breast she moaned softly giving me her approval. She than reached behind and started rubbing my cock and smiled as she checked out the size with her fingers. After a couple of minutes of feeling each other, she took my hand and lead my to the bedroom.
As we entered the bedroom she turned on a small light on a side table. She turned toward me and we kissed. I rubbed my hands all over her ass. We were standing in front of mirror with her back to it. I had only sex we two other girls and they both had small ass. Ms Anderson had a nice plump ass that was hard as a rock. I reached up and slowly unzipped her dress. I slid my hand inside her dress and squeezed her ass and heard a low moan. As she stepped back I pulled her dress from her shoulders. As she stepped out of her dress I could see she was wearing a blue bar and panties with black panties hoses. As I pulled my shirt off she undid my belt and zipper. She smiled as her hands grabbed my cock. As she played with my cock, I pulled my pants down and started playing with her nipples. She gave me a kiss and than got on her knees and pulled my shorts down letting my cock spring out. She took my cock in her hands holding it, she took her tongue and gave it a long slow lick like it was a lollipop. She than started to slowly inch my cock into her mouth. Soon my whole cock was deep in her mouth. Her tongue wrapped around my cock like a snake as she sucked on it. I could not believe what was happening. This sexy 40 something year old was sucking my cock and to add to that, she was my ex-eighth grade teacher. It took everything I had not to shoot my load. I could not help but to grab her head and start fucking her mouth. I stopped before I lost control and pulled Ms. Anderson to her feet. We kissed as I unhook her bra releasing her large breast. Her nipple where huge and stuck out begging to be sucked. I took one nipple in my mouth and the other in my hand and began sucking and rubbing them as she moaned with delight. After sucking on both of her nipples I slowly move down to her pussy and started lightly biting the inside of her legs working my way down one than up the other until I reached her pantie cover pussy. I started biting and licking her pussy as she pulled my head into her pussy. I stopped long enough to pull her pantyhose off. She looked soooo sexy standing there in her blue panties that had a large wet spot in front. She climb onto the bed and laid on her back spreading her legs. I moved between her legs and again licked and nibbled my way down one leg and up the other until I reached her pussy and started lick and biting it through her panties. Her hands started rubbing the back of my head as she raised her hips to give me better access to her pussy. As I slowly traced the hem of her panties with my tongue her breathing got faster and her moans louder. Than I heard her demand to eat her. She pulled my head up and looked me in the eye and said "lick me, lick my pussy". With that demand I pulled her panties off and began licking her hot wet pussy. Soon Ms Anderson was moaning so loud that I though the neighbors would call the cops. I never imagined sitting in eighth grade math class how much of a wild woman Ms. Anderson was as she came several times covering my mouth and chin with her juices.
Ms. Anderson pushed my head away from her pussy telling me she need to catch her breath. She looked sooo hot laying there with her legs spread and nipples hard. I moved up to give her a kiss. She took her tongue and licked her juices from my chin and lips and than gave me a deep kiss sucking the juice from my mouth. Than I heard Ms. Anderson whisper the words all men want to hear from a woman but, to her them from your teacher was too much. She whispered into my ear in a demanding tone "fuck me fuck me hard". I moved my cock up to her pussy as she grabbing my cock with on hand and the other spreading her pussy lips. As I pushed my cock forward, she guided my cock into her pussy. I slowly inched my cock into a her hot and wet pussy. We both watched as my cock disappeared into her pussy. I began to hump her slowly. Ms Anderson began grunting and move her hips to get more of my cock into her. After a few minutes of teasing her with a slow stroke Ms Anderson wrapped her legs around me and loudly demand that I fuck her and to fuck her hard. I did what my teacher told me and began to hammer my cock in and out of her as hard and fast I could. Soon she was screaming that she was cum-ming and she keep on cum-ming. I never been with a woman who had multiple organisms. Ms. Anderson told me I need to cum or stop so she can catch her breath. I keep humping away as she cheered me on by saying "cum in my pussy, fill my pussy with your cum". I could feel my balls tighten and than felt the cum start pumping from my cock. It felt like I unloaded a gallon of cum into her pussy. The whole time Ms Anderson Cheering my on. Ms Anderson pushed me but tell me she need air with a smile.
I thought the night might be over, but I was wrong.

Do I continue the story?

LionoftheForest 31M

4/16/2005 6:59 am

Hell yeah! Johnny Boy Scores! I know people that are like that. Hot, older than I am, and seriously fuckable, good,intelligent as well.

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