Lose my mind  

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5/20/2006 10:42 am

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Lose my mind

I look deep into your eyes and feel a shiver run down my spine. You drop your hands around my waist and hold me tightly against your body. I feel your warmth all around me. I gently rub your back as you embrace me. You lightly start to kiss me. Your taste is sweet. I begin to kiss your neck and ears. You throw your head back just slightly and come back searching for my lips. As you kiss me deeper. I notice your pussy starting to get hot, and that your starting to get really horny. It feels great. Your hands begin to creep up my waist. I groan. You softly squees my nipples. You gently massage my chest with your thumb. A tingle runs throughout my entire body! You take my nipples in your mouth. Your teeth gently scrape as you tug on them. I shiver and pull you in closer as you nibble. I then caress your tittys and shoulders. I run my fingers up your neck and through your hair. You thrust your hips gently. I start to take unbuttoning your blouse and removing your bra. running my hands up and down your tommy and around your tittys. You look at me only briefly before you begin tear my shirt off. I’m breathing heavily now and my cock are hard as stone. I want so badly to get inside of you right now! Your touch feels hot and your breathing is labored. You massaging my chest. I kiss your neck and tuch bouth your breasts with my hands. You reach for my waist and run your hands over my throbbing cock. I begin to unbutton your pants and pull them off. I continue to gently massage you. I’m am really horny. You're kissing my neck and I can hear your moan as I move my hand down into your underwear, and finds your cunt. You slowly starts to move down, and removes my pants. You embrace my waist and rub my hard cock.

I moan. You ask me if I like it and I find it difficult to speak! Next you slip my panties off and lead me to the bed. You lie down and watch my cock bounce and wag a little as I remove my underwear. You crawl to me and kiss my lips deeply. I fondle your breasts and nipples. Your breathing really fast. I run my hands slowly down your chest and abdomen. You arch your back, moan and move my hand down to your wet, warm pussy. You can feel my heart beating faster as you run your hand down your chest, onto my stomach and slowly onto my cock. I whisper, I love it! You gently, but firmly squeeze it. I can’t wait until it’s inside you! Slowly you roll over and straddle on me. Your face and chest are flush. I bend down and kiss you deeply. You kiss my neck, my chest, my stomach. you run your hands down my thighs as you gently kiss the head of my cock. you lick it a little and then take it into your mouth and suck on it. You can feel your lips wrap tightly around me. I moan and involuntarily thrust up to meet your oral embrace. you firmly hold the base as you move your tongue up and down my shaft. you can feel my penis throbbing in your grip. you look deeply into my eyes as you work your way back up to my neck, kissing and licking. my hands are on your waist now and I´m pulling you closer to me. You are so hot and wet I can hardly resist. you can feel my penis right up against your groin. You’re not ready yet and it’s driving me crazy! I thrust a little. you moan. you bear down to take all of me on your next thrust. I grimace and throw my head back as I can enter you. Your warm , wet and tight. I fill me completely. you sit on top of me for a few seconds without moving in order to orient yourself to my touch. I squirm under you a bit. you start to ride me.

Oh, you feel SO GOOD. You rotate your hips a bit. I start to thrust with you. Your breasts rise and fall as you move up and down my hard cock. Your eyes are closed and upir head is tilted back. I am holding my thighs and arching upward to receive you as I come down. I feel absolutely wonderful and youI can’t help but moaning loudly in sheer pleasure. My grip grows tighter and I start to thrust faster. I pull you to me and roll over. I´m now on top. You love this position! I thrust hard and deep. You know I´m not going to last long. The thought of me cumming inside you makes you want me to thrust even harder. You whisper in my ear how good I feel. Your hands are on my ass, pulling me deeper inside you every thrust. Youre so close! I thrust hard and deep. Every muscle in your body grows tense. You thrust your hips up to meet mine. You take me deeply. Oh yes, Yes, YES! I´m pumping my thick rod deeper and deeper into your warm, tight pussy. You know I´m close now. You want my cum inside you so bad you can taste it! You can feel my balls slapping your ass. I´m thrusting…I´m going really fast. I start to moan. I arch my back, you pull me closer, and I spill my cum deep within you. you feel my body shiver as I pump all of my cum into you.

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