It's...oh, so quiet...  

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2/8/2006 4:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It's...oh, so quiet...

Have you ever had a new toy and started pushing buttons to see which one does it best for you?

Well I've got a new toy. It's called the 'Choose Mood' drop down box. Now what mood does it best for me?

adventurous? bouncy? cheerful? naughty perhaps?

Apparently there are something like 100 different moods to choose from..

Confused? angry? annoyed?

curious? flirtatious? experimental? hmmmmm...

So many to choose from and yet one is missing...they're all just too quiet...

Suddenly the lights go out and TET is bathed in a single spot light. He stands as all his everyday clothes are ripped away to reveal a suit with a sparkly sequined covered jacket.

The walls behind TET magically rip away and 100 bare breasted, showgirls emerge from stage left and stage right, more lighting, accompanied by a big band blaring out a jazzy show tune. One of the girls hands TET a microphone and he begins to....Sing. (Punchy style)

"and over the top!"
"I gotta do things big"
"I wanna make traffic Stop!"

Well I bet you weren't expecting that...maybe 'experimental' best describes my mood...I'll go with that.


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