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2/28/2006 7:27 am

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your pictures

I was totally taken by surprise, couldn't believe
my eyes;
you had posted nude pics of yourself, and they were beautiful.
I suspected you would be hot in the flesh, but damn!
As I looked on, I felt my dick growing with desire and hardening;
flaccid muscle turning to concrete, doubling in size,
and though I am not a fan of masturbating
I suddenly found my belt unbuckled, zipper down, dick in
Those breasts must be at least double d (double damn!).
I jerked as I fantasized about sucking those big tits,
making each nipple swell and firm by playing with it;
licking, flicking, nibbling, even biting a little at times,
gently squeezing, kneading and massaging them both.
Taking my time to explore, map out and memorize
their feel with mouth and hands, making you moan.
And then there was that picture of your hairy sweetness,
all pink and moist, like some sweet enchanted cave
Your fingers held them open, beckoning me to your wetness.
As I continued; working my length, beads of sweat on my face,
I thought about how you must taste, imagined finding out;
going down on you, using my tongue to turn you out,
your moans getting louder, wordlessly calling my name.
I wanted to extend the fantasy to its logical conclusion:
You begging me to enter, me obliging, gently pushing in
inch by eager inch till I filled you, us moving in unison,
sexual tension feeding off our mutual desire, mounting;
But I didn't get the chance, it was all too much, and
I came.

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