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2/28/2006 7:36 am

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In my mind I have ripped your clothes off
a thousand times,
as we kissed and clawed
at each other like tigers deep in heat.

Sometimes, you strip for me;
Shyly glancing toward my swollen crotch
and acting as nervous as the catholic schoolgirl
you were raised to be

and sometimes your eyes hold a challenge,
a naughty look whispering:
‘I can touch you, but you can’t touch me’
and you drag out every second
just to see if I will snap.

Finally you are naked:
those nipples I have drooled for
pointing toward me like rounded arrowheads;
your thick jungle silently screaming
for invasion.

Sometimes you are bare shaven
and I can clearly see your clitoris
pushing against the hood
and straining toward my tongue.

Oh I have taken you countless times,
sometimes I plunge straight in wrapped in rubber
and slide and skid on the surface of your inner highway
and your moans and screams are sirens
driving me onward like a bullwhip.

Sometimes I can’t wait one second longer
and jump right into you,
savoring the sweet wet feeling
as your juices coat every inch of muscle.
And it feels so good I have to stop at every thrust
or explode into a million tiny pieces

I have gone slow:
holding you as gently as I would a prize piece of china
breathing you deeply like tobacco smoke
and trying not to loose my head completely
as you call my name, and your fingers bite my back.

and I have gone hard and fast
like a stampeding bull
with flaring nostrils and heaving chest;
heart slamming repeatedly against my ribcage
as I pound my way into your stomach.

And then I let go:
Emptying all my desire into you
and cry out your name
as I drown.

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