oooooohhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaa  

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1/23/2006 10:37 am

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oooooohhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaa

We met in the hotel, after talking on line for months, We talked about where we would go, when we would do it. We decided on a hotel a few miles away.

“If she can do that just by looking at me…Who knows what the sex is going to be like!”

she made me walk in front of her so she could lust after my body, I could feel her eyes longingly run up and down my body.
Once we were in the room, I barely got a chance to take in my surroundings, she turned me around aggressively to face her. I started kissing her, using my tongue to tease her, to lick my neck.

I stopped kissing her and took a step back, beckoning her to stand next to the bed. I order her to undress, demanding that she take off her top first, then I feel her breasts, and played with her nipples. I saw her eyes darken and become filled with ideas for me, I found myself obeying her commands and lay on the bed my hand moved down to her hot, slippy pussy and rubbed her clitoris, slipping my fingers inside. I had almost worked myself up to an orgasm.
she pinched and tweaked my nipples, making them even harder, and more sensitive, while attacking her cunt with my hungry mouth. I told her to hold back from my orgasm, but with that talented tongue playing with her, it was difficult. I had almost exploded in pleasure, then she stopped again. Her big fucking tease!

I started on her bra, almost ripping it apart in frustration, she could feel her wetness drip down her thigh slightly. Eagerly she ripped open my pants, not bothering to unzip, she wanted that cock of mien.

she forced herself on top of me, making me lie down as i did, she could feel my hard cock rubbing against her. making it harder and hornier.

Then i lie on her front and prise her legs open, rubbing my hard cock against her wet pussy and gradually entering her.

I could see my cock ramming her tight wet pussy. It’s easier for her to cum that way, I enjoy the view, My hands were all over her, running through her hair, gripping her neck, squeezing her tit. my lips met her angrily, pushing my tongue into her mouth and feeling every crevice of her mouth. I started to go faster and harder, she could feel my cock swelling, pulsating and enjoying every bit of her. My head tilted backwards and am let out groans, and moaning she felt my cock explode into her. I put my arms around her, and let her slump down onto my body.

And so on.

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