Next Stop? Part III  

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4/29/2005 11:47 pm

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Next Stop? Part III

She tugged hard on my cock until she freed it from my trousers. I pulled my hand from the back of her skirt and ran it down her leg until I felt her stocking. I pulled my hand back up, this time under her skirt. Her stockings were drawn up to a peak on her upper thigh from the garter strap that held them in place. I reached back and grabbing her by the ass, pulled her close to me. My index finger slid up between her legs and I could feel the moistness of her pussy soaking through the fabric of her thong. She let out a long airy moan as I pushed my finger further into the wet fabric.

Her hand momentarily left my swollen cock as she removed her jacket and dropped it on the floor between us. Again she gripped my cock and gave me a teasing bite on my neck before dropping down to her knees. I placed one hand on the pole and the other on the back of her head. She pushed my cock up against my body and began licking the underside from the base to the tip. For a moment she dropped down and licked at my balls, occasionally taking one in her mouth and moaning as she rolled it around with her tongue.

As I ran my fingers through her hair she lower my cock down. She looked up at me to be sure that I was watching as she took my cock in her mouth. I could feel her tongue gently massaging the underside as she began sliding back and forth on it. The feeling was incredible, a quick slide down my saliva covered shaft with a hard suck as she pulled back on it. At first she held on with both hand as she vigorously worked the first few inches. Then I felt her hands on the back of my legs and I looked down to see her pull herself up against my body as my long cock disappeared in her mouth and back into her throat. A few long and deep thrusts and then she would go back to working the tip.

She let go of my legs and with her right hand she reached over pushed the straps of her bra and lace top off of her left shoulders followed with her left. As the straps on her right shoulder fell, her nicely rounded breasts became exposed.

All the while she was working my cock with her mouth, but now her strokes became faster and her sucking became harder. She held her breasts in her hands as she rocked back and forth, squeezing them and circling her nipples with her saliva covered fingers.

I could barely take it any longer and when she briefly pulled away for a breath,I took her by the hands and helped her up. Guiding her over to a seat, I sat her down and spread her legs apart. I pushed her skirt up until I could see her thong which was visibly wet. I quickly unleashed her stocking from her garter straps and then reaching up I grasped the strings of her thong and pulled it down over her knees. Removing her thong revealed a well trimmed and very moist pussy. I slip her thong down over her heels and pushed her legs further apart.

I kissed her stocking covered knee and then ran my tongue along her inner thigh eventually crossing from stocking to skin. Again she moaned and then I felt her hands on the back of my head. She arched her back and pulled my head in closer. The smell of her warm pussy made my cock throb as I reached out with the tip of my tongue and pulled it up the front of her pussy, just barely parting her lips. She gasped as I circled her clit with the tip of my tongue. Now it was my turn.

More to follow.

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