The Begining  

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The Begining

My life changed when we moved to Oklahoma, when I was 8 years old.
Before that I was a normal little kid. I haven't been the same since. Both of my parents worked full time to make ends meet. So my little brother and I had to go to a babysitter. He is 6 yrs. younger than me and know's nothing of what happened.
The babysitter was an old church lady that watched 3-7 kids a day everyday. She had 2 Teen's of her own and they were usually the one's doing the babysitting. Tammy 15 and Frank 13, changed my life forever. The two of them , Abused, and Humiliated me everyday I was there for 2 and a half years. The First few days were ok, all seemed normal til one day Mary the sitter took the younger ones, including my little brother to town for the day. Tammy told me to go to her bedroom and wait for her, so I did. After a few minutes she walks in with Frank. They tell me that they are making me a member of their SECRET CLUB, and that we would be playing a really cool game today. I thought this was great, little did I know about the nightmare that was about to begin. Frank told me to undress, being 8 I really didn't think much of it, so I did. They stripped as well. Tammy showed me the obvious differences between boy's and girl's, Frank showed me how he could get his penis hard and taught me how to masturbate while Tammy demonstrated how she masturbates. I thought this might be a cool club, yet I felt odd not shame just odd. The next couple of day's were much the same, the three of us going to Frank or Tammy's room for an hour or more at a time just to fondle and watch each other. When my Mom dropped us off the following Monday, Frank and Tammy were the only ones at home and that's the day the game changed. Tammy got my little brother interested in the T.V. while Frank quickley took me to Tammy's room, where he ordered me to strip. You have to understand now, Frank was a jock, very popular fooball player, and muscular. He is 5 yrs. older than me, not to mention alot bigger than me. I took off my clothes but was scared this time, something was different, more stern and forceful. In a few minutes Tammy walked in, I am nude in the middle of the room and scared. She could tell I was about to cry and she told me "You are in my secret club now and you ABSOLUTELY MUST do as you're told without crying or telling anyone" and she swore to me if I mentioned the club to anyone especially my parents that she would kill me and my little brother would take my place in the club. She asked if I understood, i nodded then she slapped me then told me that is nothing compared to the beating I would get if I refused to obey her or Frank, I was terrified. They then began taking turns with me, I guess to keep a constant eye on my brother and a lookout for anyone approaching the house. Tammy was first of course, she is the oldest and IN CHARGE. Frank kinda giggled and left the room but kept the door wide open. Now Tammy is 15 thin and fairly developed, kinda cute in the face but not a hottie. She took her shorts and t-shirt off leaving her completely nude. She then layed down on her bed, spread her legs wide and ordered me to lick her pussy. Frozen from shock, confusion or just not knowing what she meant, I stood there maybe 10 seconds before she bolted up and started spanking my bare ass with her hand. Three smack's and then again an order to lick her pussy this time with her straddling my face. After approx. 10-15 min. of fighting for air, my life and trying to figure out how to lick her twat, she pissed in my face, my mouth, all over. I started to choke and spit and she clamped my mouth shut and told me to swallow it, every drop. Doing so and gagging, then vomiting she told me that was the one and only time I could vomit unless ordered to do so. Then went on to tell me that meant for anything, anything they put in my mouth. Nude, Tammy left the room calling for Frank. I layed there soaked in her juices and urine, I began to cry, Frank enterd the room already nude, he thumped me in the head hard with his hand and told me to quit being a baby and to STOP crying, he said there was nothing I could do and I believed him. He stood above me stroking himself, Like I said before he was big and muscular, he was also hung like a horse, as a grown man now I think back and it must have been at least 9" but probably closer to 10". He then told me to get on my knees, sobbing I got on my knees. He said open your mouth wide. I did. Then he inserted his semi hard dick in my mouth, he told me to suck it. I did what I was told. After a few sec. he was hard as rock. I gagged. He kicked me and told me to get over it and not to gag again. He soon climaxed in my mouth and I remembered what Tammy had said and swallowed every drop. Frank patted my head, said thats a good bitch and called for Tammy. Before she entered the room I could hear her and Frank giggling and talking, I had decided I didn't want any part of this secret club and when Tammy walked in the room I told her so. She laughed and told me that it was too fuckin late, I was part of it and I had to keep it secret or else, sobbing I asked "what or else what?" Then she said exactly what would keep an 8 yr. old quiet, and I did. She said that if I said a word about anything, "We will kill you, and then make your little brother a member, except we'll make it alot for him." I stopped crying and felt sick because I believed her. She now had COMPLETE control and she knew it. She grinned then told me to pick out a pair of panties and a bra from her dresser, I did. Then she told me to put them on. The panties were no problem but the bra was. She put it on me and told me if I can't do it myself next time she would spank me with a belt. For the next 2 and a half years that I was there, I did exactly as I was told and questioned NOTHING. The two of them never did anything sexual to each other at least not in front me. Somedays I would be Frank's BITCH, other's I would be Tammy's BITCH. At least one day of the week it would be a "group meeting" as they called it, meaning all three of us. Between the two of them, alone with me and togther with me, I WAS FORCED TO- Crossdress, Put on makeup, Give oral pleasure(fellatio, cunilingus, analingus), Sodomized(with more objects than I care to list right now, if you want to know ask me), Receive golden and brown showers including licking them clean if they wished, Give and Receive Enema's, that's just naming a few of their favorites. They did some things to me that I am ashamed to even mention but will never forget. Over the time this was going on, they filled several shoe boxes with polaroids of the many acts I performed for them, and they constantly made me look at them. I often wonder if either of them still had them. I never saw either of them again after our last day there, and I still have not told anyone til now. Almost 11 when I saw them last, I spent the next 4 years trying be a normal kid not really thinking about what happened. Then puberty and erection's changed everything. I started masturbating, only in the morning to begin with, then after a while more frequently, 3-5 times daily without fail. I started having normal casual sex with Females ONLY when I was 16. Married at 18 Divorced at 19 and a half. Moved to California right after divorce, and that's when I started using my past to help me, I embraced it, it was either that or let it drive me into a depression. I got a job at an Adult Bookstore in Monterey Bay and it allowed me to feel normal. I just turned 20, I'm physically fit, I had long curly hair down to my ass, and pretty good looking. After my first month at the bookstore the boss asked if I wanted to make MORE money, my response was FUCK YEA! He asked if I was willing to let people watch me jackoff, I thought if I could do it at the age of 8 for free, why not. He ran a BI PEEP SHOW down the street and I started making ALOT more money just for letting men and women watch me stroke my 9". After almost a year doing that I decided to go to the next level. I answered an ad in the Ad in the local Adult Newsrag, and auditioned for an Amateur Porn Video, and got the gig. It was for a NO NAME Company shot in a hotel room, but it was a start. After doing 5 of these cheapass video's I met a really cool Lady who asked what my limit's were, where would I draw the line, after thinking about it I realized I would and could do ALMOST ANYTHING and I said ANYTHING GOES as long as no kid's or dead bodies are involved. She asked if I was available for a shoot that night. That was when I got involved in FETISH PORN and for the first time in a LONG time I felt NORMAL. That was 17 yr's ago and I'm back in Oklahoma. I hope this didn't bore anyone and if you have ANY questions or comment's, PLEASE contact me.

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An amazing story. Thank you for sharing and good luck in your life.

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What a FANTASTIC start to a GREAT BLOG! Congratulations!

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